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Salesforce for higher education: Student Success

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In the current salesforce higher education landscape, student success is a top priority for higher education leaders around the globe. The increasing competition, changing demographics, and reducing government spending has increased their focus on students’ well-being.

To differentiate themselves among a plethora of institutions, student success has become a pivotal step for any university/college. Students expect the same outstanding level of services from their university that they receive from multinational companies. Whether it would be a quick response to their questions, service across every channel & device or to have personalized attention, student expectations from their universities are ever-increasing.

Before diving deep into the topic. What exactly is student success?

Student success can be defined as the processes that lead to positive student outcomes. It aims to encourage student engagement and their learning and progress towards their goals. To truly measure student success, we have to see how well-prepared students are to achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals.

Now, student success can fall under different categories: Communication, advising, residential life, co-curricular, student services, and career services which adds up to the entire experience a student can have in a campus. All of them combined effects students’ performance and retention. This is where salesforce steps in as a one-stop solution for a connected campus.

Through its student-centric approach, Salesforce helps to drive student success across institutions by delivering services in an efficient manner.

Salesforce Education Cloud

These student success solutions can be categorized under different elements:

1. Student Engagement: 

With the changing demographics and increasing awareness, it has become a necessity for institutions to build meaningful relationships with their students. They should have the right technology in place to help them and they should also find new ways to pro-actively engage with students to foster a sense of inclusion.

Personalized communication remains a dire need among students. “Higher ed connected student report” mentions that for 78% of students personalized messages is an indication that their college/university cares about their success. It also highlights other needs such as majority of students across Europe and America want to receive email and alerts for their important deadlines.

Salesforce helps you to fulfill these needs by deploying apps that bring it all together for students in terms of personalized engagements and more fulfilling end-to-end experiences. With a complete platform for designing and managing apps, you can create a holistic student experience on any device. You can create a mobile friendly student community where students can access resources and connect with faculties, advisors, and other students.

With salesforce, you also get to have a single platform for every staff member that wants to communicate with students. You can send messages that are personalized based on different students’ interests and needs. You can even design and automate communication journeys that guide students to success across channels such as email, SMS.

2. Campus connectivity:

As we are aware that there are multiple departments within an institution that makes It possible for everything to run smoothly. The issue arises when they are running in silos and unable to achieve their full potential that can come through collaboration.

These siloed systems or departments also prevent students to have a holistic experience. Based on the higher ed connected student report, “Around 63% of students sign in to two or more different platforms just to have information that they require on a day-to-day basis.”

Now with Salesforce you get the ability to break these silos and increase organization connectivity. It increases the participation among different departments and helps to maintain a centralized system for daily needs.

3. Student Advising:

To guide students in an efficient manner, advisors need seamless tools & intelligence at their fingertips. However, a lot of institutions struggle to have their data available from multiple systems in an organized way. The reports are mostly manually created and thus miss the purpose to provide any actionable insights.

Salesforce helps institutions to have a complete view of student data synced from Student Information System, Learning Management System, and other internal systems. Advisors always know which students are at risk with early warning indicators based on real-time student data like class attendance and critical information reports such as advisory reports, communication history, and relationships & affiliations.

With salesforce, they can turn this data into results with collaborative action plans and integrated appointment schedules with students.

4. Student Services: 

Salesforce provides every student a one-stop solution with access to all the services and resources they need from one place. Providing frictionless service and making it easy for the students to navigate the system reduces frustration for all and focuses staff in making a student’s life easy.

Salesforce unified service console helps service specialists be more productive than ever with smart templates and built-in knowledge base. One screen provides them everything they need to deliver an outstanding service experience on every channel whether it would be email, social, phone or even SMS.

Managers, directors, and deans have complete insight into service delivery so you can pinpoint common issues and resolve them quickly.

5. Corporate Relations & Career Services:

Every student wants their institution to help them in transitioning from college to the real corporate world smoothly and effectively.  Thus, salesforce ensures student success even after graduation with connected career services. You can track every student career-related activity from internships, interviews to landing their first job. In salesforce you can also track activities with partners including grants, recruiting events, courses, and internships.

We also understand that employer relationship is key to any career services program. Therefore, you can have a 360-degree view of interactions between employers and students across campus.

With salesforce, you can leverage real-time career services analytics such as tracking job postings, placement information, and top employers to build corporate relationships that can help your students succeed even after their graduation.

Now is the time to differentiate your institution by delivering student success in a more efficient and holistic way. What’s stopping you to become a connected campus with salesforce.

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