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Salesforce Consulting Partnership and Benefits

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To obtain the desired results, Salesforce requires active dedication and technical skills. Project management difficulties and excessive expectations cause 18% to 69 percent of CRM adoption projects to fail. That is why, to optimize return on investment, businesses rely on the knowledge of a Salesforce partner.

  • Salesforce provides a partner program that helps you to enhance and expand your business while also offering excellent customer service. There are three categories in this program.
  • By using their expertise, developing specialized practices, and utilizing innovative tools, consulting partners or system integrators (SI) contribute to corporate development and efficiency.
    Independent Software Vendors (ISV) who create and promote AppExchange apps are known as AppExchange partners (ISV).
  • Resellers are Salesforce partners who sell licenses but are not necessarily involved in the installation.

Salesforce Consulting Partner

A Salesforce consulting partner is a firm that has been granted permission by Salesforce to create and provide bespoke solutions, as well as project implementations and integrations. These firms have been educated to lead the innovation phase and assist businesses in forming new relationships with their consumers.

Customers that want assistance with software migration, installation, systems integration, and custom application development can turn to these companies for aid. They show their knowledge by maintaining current Salesforce certifications and exhibiting portfolios of successful projects. They assist you to enhance and build your business while also increasing your experience in this way.
salesforce consulting partner

  1. Applicants must pass a rigorous selection procedure to join the Salesforce family of consulting partners. To get accepted, they must satisfy the essential conditions and supply the relevant information. This necessitates a large amount of investment, training, and certifications, among other things.
  2. Accepting the policies specified by the Salesforce partner program agreement (SPPA) is the first of several steps to gaining access to your community (Salesforce partner community).
  3. Payment Fees: A consulting partner must pay the following fees, which vary by tier and market, at the time of registration and at the time of renewal each year.

For FY 22 in lieu of Covid, the fees have been reduced for each partner tier.

salesforce consulting partner

Levels of Salesforce Consulting Partnership

Salesforce divides consulting partners into four categories (Base, Ridge, Crest, and Summit). Partners are assessed and may be transferred to a different level depending on their Trailblazer consulting partner score each quarter, based on Salesforce’s fiscal year.

The Trailblazer score assesses a partner’s contribution to Salesforce’s four major goals: customer success, innovation, growth, and lead. This score has a maximum of 1000 points. Here you will find all the program’s parts, as well as the maximum number of points per characteristic and the prerequisites for earning complete points in each area.

Point required for each tier

salesforce consultant partner

Assessments occur within the first month after the conclusion of a Salesforce fiscal quarter, with any reassignments taking effect on the first day of the following month.

Salesforce informs each partner of their new level on or before the level’s effective date. Those who fail to satisfy the conditions may be kicked out of the program and the partner community without a refund. Members who are promoted to a higher level during a fiscal year keep their highest level for the balance of that year and the next year, after which they are reviewed.

Benefits of Becoming a Salesforce Consulting Partner

Salesforce provides resources, training, and tools to consulting partners to help them acquire expertise in key business operations, product areas, and sectors so they can better serve their clients and improve their processes.

According to each category, below are some of the benefits given by the consulting partner programmed:

  1. Marketing & Selling – When a recommended lead is provided through the partner community, partners may be eligible for a referral incentive. The AppExchange Marketing Program is available to partners.
  2. Designing & Development – Access to online forums where you may interact with partners from all around the world and share your experiences. Marketing Cloud trial companies are being used to develop and evaluate the tool’s capabilities.
  3. Support – A case package for the programmed year that contains a set number of Premier cases based on benefit level. Coupons to help you pay for certification examinations and expand your knowledge.


A Salesforce Consulting Partner status indicates that the company does an excellent job and has a strong dedication to its customers. Salesforce can attain targets that they could not achieve on their own when they team up with a consulting partner. Of course, joining into a partnership like this implies that you will not have complete control over everything. As a result, this is not a decision to be taken lightly. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to do things correctly.

Remember that consulting partners may assist in the selection of a system, its configuration, the selection of apps, the creation of new tools, and the planning of how everything will interact. Your consulting partner will take care of the minutiae, allowing you to focus on the development and expansion of your company.


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    It depends entirely on which Salesforce partner you hire. A good one will be highly motivated and passionate to help you reach your goals.

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