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Boomi Integration Services

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About Boomi

Boomi is an integrated platform that brings different objects together, whether its data systems, application or employees to provide you a deep understanding of your consumers and deliver and an exceptional experience during the whole journey. It puts the right information in the right place at the right time to accelerate the customer journey and eliminate friction. The minimal code requirement is one of the best feature of Boomi as it allows the usage of prebuilt integration components where users can use prebuilt components to create integrations by simply using drag-in and drag-out. It is one of the reasons behind Boomi making a place for itself in the marketplace.

Leverage our Boomi Experience

How can we help?

  • We are a certified Boomi consulting partner with deep and broad expertise in the domain. We’ve completed more than hundreds of integration processes for many companies across different industries.
  • Our team of Experts walk with you step-by-step with a plan from discovery to delivery phase and make sure all the in-and-out activities are properly integrated to equip businesses for maximum productivity.
  • Mirketa has rich experience of managing Boomi Integration projects including processes, apps, data, devices, or things to reduce the complexity of business processes.
  • We provide 24*7 support and connect faster, so that you minimize disruption, reduce risk, and just get more work done.

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Benefits of Boomi

  • Easy and fast integration is one of the main functionality of the Boomi as the platforms offers a large collection of tools such as pre-built connectors, process libraries and crowd-sourced guidance for data mapping.
  • Boomi provides smart suggestions and decisions to every user to become more effective and efficient which improve the overall business profitability.
  • It has been the marketing leader in the integration processes for more than 10 years which reduce IT spend, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and increase the customer satisfaction.
  • Boomi offers ready-to-use cloud solutions with easy drag-in and drag-out functions for any sort of integrations so users can create integrations as soon as possible and access them at anytime from anywhere.
  • Boomi is suitable for all kinds of business. It is easy to use and help organizations to reduce their integration challenges by taking advantage of the Boomi iPaaS platform.

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