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Premium Salesforce Support

Outsourced Salesforce Admin and Development | Certified Salesforce Consultant | Salesforce Support Service | Salesforce Implemetation Partner

Extend your salesforce team using salesforce administrator and developers for premium salesforce support service.

Expand your Salesforce capabilities by seamlessly integrating Salesforce administrators and developers into your team, unlocking the full potential of premium Salesforce support services. Mirketa, recognized as a Salesforce Consulting partner, is at the forefront of providing premium outsourcing solutions tailored to meet your specific Salesforce Administration and Development requirements. Our distinguished services leverage the expertise of Salesforce certified Administrators and Developers, ensuring that you receive top-notch support and development assistance.

At Mirketa, our Salesforce premium outsourcing support services for both Administrators and Developers encompass a comprehensive array of offerings. From fine-tuning and optimizing your Salesforce instance to developing robust solutions tailored to your business needs, our team is dedicated to elevating your Salesforce experience. Whether you require ongoing administration support or the implementation of complex development projects, Mirketa stands ready to extend your Salesforce team with skilled professionals committed to delivering excellence.

Mirketa’s Salesforce premium outsourcing support services for Salesforce Administrator and Developers include:

  • Salesforce User and Profile Management
  • Salesforce configuration
  • Salesforce/ Development
  • Salesforce Reports and Dashboard
  • Salesforce Integration Development
  • Salesforce Single sign-on
  • Salesforce Data Migration
  • Salesforce organization merges and Salesforce organization migration
  • End user support for Salesforce App Exchange Apps by ISVs
  • Salesforce End User Training
  • Salesforce Integration Development
  • Salesforce Lightening enablement

Premium salesforce support services for administrators and developers.


  • Monthly Hours 40
  • Discounted Rate: $2,500 per month


  • Monthly Hours 80
  • Discounted Rate: $4,500 per month


  • Monthly Hours 160
  • Discounted Rate: $6,800 per month

Scope of salesforce administration

User Management      
Security Management
(Organization Wide Default, Profiles, Roles, Field Level Security, Sharing Rules, Public
Object Level Configurations
(Object, Tab, Views, Fields, Page Layouts, Record Types, Custom Links, Buttons)
Salesforce Built-in Automations
(Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Formula Fields, Approval, Email Templates)
Data Management
(Sandbox Refresh, Data Migration & Updation, Translation Workbench)
Reports, Dashboards      
Other Configurations Items      
Computer Telephony Integration    
Salesforce to Salesforce      
API & Webservices Integrations with other apps like NetSuite, QuickBooks      
Single Sign-on      
Custom Development – Triggers, Batch etc      

Why use Mirketa for salesforce premium support for administrator and developers?

  • Proven processes and tools that simply work for remote Salesforce Administrator and Developers.
  • Experienced Resources with good communication skills and work ethics.
  • Access to Mirketa team’s collective Salesforce Development experience, pre-built Salesforce connectors and other technical resources.
  • All Salesforce Administrator and Developers are paired with Business Analyst to ensure that the requirements are understood and documented well.
  • Available 24 by 7 with US based support contact number.


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Explore the Frequently Asked Questions about Mirketa’s Expert Salesforce Support Services

  • Mirketa specializes in providing comprehensive Salesforce support services, leveraging its team of certified consultants with extensive experience in Salesforce implementations, customization, and ongoing support.
  • Mirketa offers a wide range of Salesforce support services, including but not limited to troubleshooting, bug fixing, system enhancements, user training, data migration, and continuous system optimization.
  • Mirketa understands the critical nature of urgent support issues. We have a dedicated support team that ensures timely response and resolution for any urgent matters. Our goal is to minimize downtime and keep your Salesforce instance running smoothly.
  • Yes, Mirketa’s expertise extends to Salesforce integrations with various third-party applications. Our consultants can help seamlessly integrate Salesforce with other tools and apps to enhance your business processes.
  • Mirketa’s consultants are Salesforce certified professionals with in-depth knowledge of the platform. Our team is constantly updated on the latest Salesforce features and best practices, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and effective support.
  • Mirketa takes data security and privacy seriously. We adhere to industry best practices and implement robust security measures to safeguard your Salesforce data. Our consultants follow strict confidentiality protocols to ensure the privacy of your business information.
  • Mirketa believes in proactive maintenance to prevent issues before they occur. We conduct regular health checks, performance assessments, and system optimizations to keep your Salesforce instance running at its best and to identify areas for improvement.
  • Absolutely. Mirketa offers customized training sessions tailored to your specific needs and Salesforce configuration. Whether it’s onboarding new users or enhancing the skills of your existing team, we provide comprehensive training to maximize your Salesforce investment.
  • Mirketa stays abreast of the latest Salesforce releases and updates. Our consultants evaluate new features and functionalities to determine their relevance to your business. We ensure a smooth transition by testing updates in a sandbox environment before implementing them in your production instance.
  • To initiate a Salesforce support engagement with Mirketa, simply reach out to our support team through our designated channels. We’ll conduct an initial assessment of your needs, determine the scope of support required, and provide you with a tailored support plan that aligns with your business objectives and budget.

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