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Mirketa Inc is now a Partner!!

Mirketa Inc, a Salesforce Consulting and Development Company is pleased to announce that we’re now a Partner.! is a social impact center focused on partnering with the global community to tackle the world’s biggest problems.

We are hoping to see this partnership solve business problems in multiple domains such as Fundraising, Marketing and Engagement, Program management, and Grantmaking for Non-profit cloud users.

Salesforce evaluates partnership based on consulting partners’ active enrollment in the partner program.

Getting your Salesforce org duplicate free is now completely free with our easy-to-use solution Duplicate Search and Merge

Salesforce Data Deduplication

We are pleased to announce that removing duplicates from your salesforce org is now not only easy and simple but also completely free with a 100% natively built salesforce solution, Duplicate search and merge – the perfect data doctor (DSM). With DSM, Mirekta has been serving customers dealing with duplicate records and looking for a better solution that helps them get rid of duplicates easily.

Now, it is time to make DSM a widely used solution across the salesforce ecosystem to make any organization duplicate-free at no cost. As a part of this vision, we are making our product free to serve more customers dealing with their bad data. They also can save a lot of time performing de duplication via traditional manual steps and become more efficient in their operations dealing with data.

Mirketa Inc to Host a First in their Series of Hackathons

Mirketa Inc plans to host its first in a series of open house Hackathons in their India office located in Noida. The Salesforce silver partner and solution provider will focus the three-day event around the innovative and revolutionary ideas on Salesforce technology.

Kicking off March 29, 2019, the participating teams will have 3 days to build a creative solution in the domain they choose on the Salesforce Technology platform. This three-day event will bring together technology enthusiasts from across the country and give them a common platform.


Why Us?

We have over 1 Million hours of Salesforce experience. We have helped our clients transform their businesses by successfully rolling out Process Changes, Salesforce Cloud solution, Einstein Analytics and Systems Integrations. We have worked with companies of all sizes and types including Fortune 100 organizations, government agencies and start-ups. More than 80% of our business comes from existing customers.

We are driven by:

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