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Salesforce AppExchange
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Salesforce appexchange basics:

Salesforce appExchange is launched by salesforce in 2005. It is a marketplace that offers consulting services and applications for the partners. It is a platform to choose the best suitable applications for your business needs that improve the business productivity. AppExchange offers a mixture of paid and free applications based on categories and industry solutions.

It provides partner a platform to create and publish an application. It is also a place for salesforce admins to find and install the solutions to make their business processes smooth. Salesforce Professionals can browse and take test drive of any appexchange listing. Partners can look for descriptions, reviews, latest updates, and demos of any applications to make sure they choose the best applications/solutions that fits their needs.

Why choose appexchange for app development?

  • Any custom app development may take 4-5 months at least but SF appexchange apps can be implemented much faster.
  • Salesforce appExchange apps come with proper documentation and customer support. However, if you have any issue with application, you just need to get in touch with vendor.
  • Most of the appexchange applications have regular updates at no extra cost.
  • To be a listed application on appexchange, the application needs to be of good quality. All the bugs and glitches should be fixed before the release.
  • Paid appExchange listing helps you to earn more revenue.

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Who chooses Mirketa?

We have a bunch of applications on salesforce appexchange that is fully optimized and updated. These applications would help you to drive your business forward and make you more productive than ever.

Salesforce Appexchange


A fully integrated EHR & Census solution build on top of Salesforce Health Cloud which helps is fully customizable and easily configurable. It saves time and effort with automated documentation processes, note builder, and more intelligent capabilities.

Download Elixir

Round Robin Distributor

RRD is a fully configurable lead & case assignment rule-based distribution engine that routes leads, cases, accounts, opportunities including any custom SFDC object to the right user/ queue in real-time, supports load balancing, & enables reassignment.

Download RRD
SF Appexchange

Duplicate Search and Merge

It’s time to say Good-Bye to duplicate records with our Duplicate Search and Merge. DSM is a native salesforce data duplication application which helps in cleansing the duplicate data.

Download DSM


Finacast is an awesome tool built to make your to keep your financial health up to the mark. While one is occupied with their busy life,one often overlooks to keep financial forecast for the stages ahead in your life.

Download Finacast


A native salesforce application which makes scheduling and delivery reports easier in salesforce. It is a simple to use report delivery tool that lets you schedule & deliver Salesforce reports to any user and contact external email addresses.

Download eCourier

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