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Salesforce CPQ

We leverage our pre-built Salesforce products to reduce cost and risks and provide you with a perfect solution.

Mirketa holds a portfolio of more than 5 products on Salesforce Appexchange and has more than 250,000 hours experience with salesforce integration and implementations.

How our experience with CPQ and QTC Configurations can be helpful-

We provide the most customized solutions and approach to implement Price Quote (CPQ) and Quote to Cash (QTC) solutions which also considers the size of the business and the rollout will comprise of best practices in the industry to leverage maximum value.

With the help of CPQ and QTC Configurations, you can submit new leads and price quotes of the products conveniently and with transparency. Salesforce Sales Cloud empowers the vendors and traders to communicate from anywhere, anytime.

  • A proven Price Quote (CPQ) and Quote to Cash (QTC) configuration methodology that starts with end to end solution blue print highlighting the automation and standardization
  • Creative and customized approaches for managing complex product, pricing and billing models
  • Complete Data migration from existing systems of products and price books
  • Auto Creation and Configuration of the quote, invoices and other templates
  • Digital Signature Integration with Docusign and other related apps
  • Process improvement and automation, including workflow approvals, suggesting & implementing
  • Integration with Accounting and other systems
  • Capabilities for custom development
  • SalesforceTM Systems Admin Training

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Scope of CPQ and QTC?

Salesforce Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Quote to Cash (QTC) implementation ensures that you get a transparency with your partners pipelines and predictions. Forecasts get updated as your partner generates quotes.

The 360 degree Sales Automation means that the following are in place:

  • Product Configuration with Bundles Configurations
  • It provides Tiered Pricing, Discounts and Bundle pricing with Price Book Configuration
  • Billing configuration with Taxes, based on Usage Pricing and other business rules configurations
  • Invoice automation
  • Subscription Billing
  • Payment Collection
  • Integration with ERP/Accounting systems
  • Intelligent Alerts
  • Reports


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