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Think. Build. Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Solutions.

Connecting your business | Providing the Full-360 | Integrating MRP & ERP Solutions

We are a Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud development partner with specialization and extensive experience in Manufacturing domain and integrating MRP and ERP solutions.

We work with Manufacturing businesses to implement Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud to automate Sales, Operation Processes and Marketing. We have extensive experience in defining marketing journeys, sales and services process and configuring and managing solutions.

Our Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud implementation services include:

Connecting your business, providing the Full-360

All Manufacturing Businesses have a common set of core operational processes. The relative success of their business is dependent on the efficiencies and effectiveness of these core operational processes. The following departments need to be connected to provide the Full-360 of the Manufacturing Businesses accounts and processes.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud


Marketing automation will be the first step on our journey to the Full-360 view of your customer. You can create your branded portals, leverage social media, emails, and mobile platforms to reach to your prospects and nurture leads.

Salesforce in Manufacturing
Salesforce for Manufacturing Cloud


With Salesforce Sales automation capabilities Manufacturing Businesses can continue the prospect journey that was nurtured by Marketing team by managing the Leads and Opportunities.


With Salesforce Service capabilities your Manufacturing Business can take the next step on our journey to the Full-360. Success in Service starts by effectively anticipating your customers questions, concerns and issues and resolving them quickly.

Salesforce for Manufacturing Industry
Salesforce and Manufacturing


With Salesforce CPQ and process capabilities Manufacturing Businesses can take the next step on our journey to the Full-360. Billing is the most important stage of Quote to Cash life cycle. The moment a Quote is presented to a client, and they have closed the deal, someone in the organization needs to raise the invoice for the client. The Finance/Billing team, being crucial a stage in QTC cycle, needs to be highly responsible from the time an invoice is raised to the collection of payment.


Making sure employees have the right skills for the job is a top priority for the HR team. A custom app can be created on the Salesforce Platform that helps employees find training and certification classes for their specific training programs. With Salesforce your HR department at your Manufacturing Business can take the next step on our journey to the Full-360.

Supply Chain

Supply chain managers need an end-to-end view of the supply chain so they can proactively address bottlenecks and ensure customers receive products on time. With Salesforce the Supply Chain department can take the next step on our journey to the Full-360.

Factory Floor

In manufacturing, equipment uptime is mission critical to ensure delivery dates are met and customers are happy. Workers can immediately notify facilities of broken equipment by scanning a code on the impacted equipment. With Salesforce the Factory Floor at your Manufacturing Business can take the next step on our journey to the Full-360.


The Salesforce Platform includes a suite of enterprise-grade tools and services that IT can use to build powerful apps while also providing oversight to ensure that every app is secure, connected, and meets governance and regulatory standards. With Salesforce IT at your Manufacturing Business can take the next step on our journey to the Full-360.

CRM for Manufacturing Industry
Salesforce for Manufacturing

Self Service Customer Portal

Once the internal systems are all connected with Salesforce, connect your customer to it through a self-service branded portal through Salesforce Community portals. Unlike the old days when creating self-service Customer Portals would have a long pain project, Salesforce based portals can be easily built. The best part is that there is no need for integration as the portal is already built on top of Salesforce.

Vendor/Distributor/Partner Portal

Create self-service portals for your Partners, Vendors and Distributors using Salesforce portal platform.

Integrate Salesforce with your ERP (Inventory Management, Finance and Partner Management ) and enable the following capabilities:

  • Partner Profile Management
  • Invoicing / Payment tracking
  • Case Management
  • Order Management – place orders to and from a partner
  • Customer Complaints Insights
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Reports / Analytics
  • Contract Management and Tracking
Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Why Us?

We have over 1 Million hours of Salesforce experience. We have helped our clients transform their businesses by successfully rolling out Process Changes, Salesforce Cloud solution, Einstein Analytics and Systems Integrations. We have worked with companies of all sizes and types, including Fortune 100 organizations, government agencies, and start-ups. More than 80% of our business comes from existing customers.

We are driven by:

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