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Duplicate Search and Merge.

Worried about the process inefficiency due to duplicates records in Salesforce? Now say Good Bye! to duplicates with Mirketa’s Duplicate Search and Merge tool.

Data is the most valuable asset of an organization and good data quality is absolutely priceless. Accurate data is the catalyst for high productivity and good decision making. One of the prime data quality issues in salesforce for most organizations is the duplicate records on account, contacts, and leads. It occurs when an exact copy of a record is created as a different entry in the same database. This looks unprofessional, damages your brand reputation, and guarantees a bad experience for your customer. If you have serious data duplication issues, you may be harming your Goodwill with a larger percentage of your contact list than you might imagine.

Managing Quantity and Quality parallelly has always been a challenge. But now you can say goodbye to duplicates records in salesforce in the most efficient and less time consuming manner using “Duplicate search and Merge” app.

Duplicate Search and Merge is a native deduplication application built for salesforce. This application will help in cleansing the duplicate records on leads, contacts and accounts in an easily user configurable manner. The user can search the records based on pre-set filters and then choose either manual or mass merge.

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The application covers the following functionalities:

  • Simple yet powerful 5 step search and merge process via optimized design

  • Customizable filers on Standard/Custom Objects and Fields

  • Automatic/Manual Master record selection

  • Choose which duplicate records to merge and which to not or simply select merge all

  • Preview screen to verify the ‘to-be-master’ record before actual merging is initiated

  • Schedule your data deduplication tasks

  • Merge duplicate records without any data loss

  • Export your Duplicates before merging, just to keep your data safe

  • Re-parenting of child records while merging the Parent records

  • Master record field updates while merging

  • Save your searches for future use

  • Smart reporting via intuitive dashboard

  • Intelligent notification alerts on successful merge with the master record details.

Now you can stop worrying about those futile duplicates and can focus on your productive future.

Duplicate Search and Merge is powerful yet easy to operate and is completely customizable to handle the unique and complex nature of your datasets. You’ll have a better grasp of the data quality of your database and will be able to serve your customers better.

For more details check out the document on “Problems that DSM solves for solves for businesses”

Native salesforce solution for de-duplication.

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