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Mirketa – Bringing the Cloud to Customer Service in Manufacturing

Problem Statement

A well-known brand in the pipes and faucet business was facing some issues related to customer service. The company receives failure images of the items sold through email from customers. The company was using these failure images as reference and providing the needed servicing to their customers. The company was dealing with lots of active and inactive items sold. For a service person to identify the SKU of the product that needs to be addressed as a part of the reported email was not easy. The company was looking for a solution that will resolve the customer issue with confidence and within their SLA.


Salesforce data is downloaded and sent to other systems through manual jobs which are prone to user errors and it takes long time to download the data which resulted into refreshing the data only once a month. Most of the core systems use stale data.

  • Training the model
  • Predict SKU code for image fed to the model

To identify the SKU code from the email body, Natural Language Processing (NLP) was used. With this, the SKU code associated with the images could be recognized from the existing data. It acted as a training set for the AI model. The image recognition system was built in a way that could compare the image of SKU with existing data. Upon new customer complaint, where image without SKU code comes, model predicts accurate match and updates it to the respective ticket. It was built in a way that incorporates new data by itself to improve prediction accuracy.

Mirketa implemented Salesforce service cloud to streamline the complete customer service function. This function identifies complaints from email and tags SKU with tickets. The customer service manager can track the activities and do regular follow-up. Manual work for the service manager to tag SKU code for the tickets was eliminated.


Service manager productivity improved significantly with the service cloud implementation and image recognition system in place. Manual intervention was minimized to the lowest. Ultimately, it has improved customer satisfaction with faster resolution of complaints. The plug-and-play recognition system was easy to access and use.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Plug & Play Image recognition AI tool – Partner Company

Block Diagram

Salesforce for Manufacturing Industry

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