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Getting your Salesforce org duplicate free is now completely free with our easy-to-use solution Duplicate Search and Merge

By |2022-04-04T08:59:25+00:00April 4th, 2022|

California, USA. April 2, 2022

We are pleased to announce that removing duplicates from your salesforce org is now not only easy and simple but also completely free with a 100% natively built salesforce solution, Duplicate search and merge – the perfect data doctor (DSM). With DSM, Mirekta has been serving customers dealing with duplicate records and looking for a better solution that helps them get rid of duplicates easily.

Now, it is time to make DSM a widely used solution across the salesforce ecosystem to make any organization duplicate-free at no cost. As a part of this vision, we are making our product free to serve more customers dealing with their bad data. They also can save a lot of time performing de duplication via traditional manual steps and become more efficient in their operations dealing with data. Duplicate Search and Merge makes managing duplicate data easy in Salesforce! It is a simple to use deduplication tool that efficiently cleanses duplicate records.

Salesforce Data Deduplication

Pranshu Goyal, Director of Products at Mirekta, states: “We envision DSM to be used by every small to a medium-sized organization dealing with bad data and want to get rid of duplicates easily with no cost. We have faced issues dealing with duplicates in our organization. That inspired us to make a solution that is not only simple to use but can be used widely to make the organization’s data clean to make them more efficient and productive. We want DSM to be a solution for every organization looking for duplicate management capability better than the Salesforce out-of-the-box solution with no additional cost.”

DSM is a simple to use yet powerful 5-step wizard-based approach to search duplicates on standard and custom objects. You can find customized filters for duplicate search, schedule jobs, export duplicate records, and perform a mass merge.

DSM (Duplicate Search & Merge) runs natively on Salesforce, so data does not leave Salesforce org. As there is no data transfer at any point, data remains safe and intact.

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