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RRD has been listed as the most powerful Lead Routing solutions in Salesforce by Salesforce Ben

By |2022-07-14T06:43:44+00:00July 14th, 2022|

We’re really excited to announce that one of our product “Round Robin Distributor (RRD) – Powerful Tool To Make Leads and Case Assignment Easier Than Ever” has been listed as the most powerful Lead Routing solutions in Salesforce by Ben McCarthy (Salesforce Ben).

Well, Mr. McCarthy has no need of introduction. He has done ample work in Salesforce domain which is helpful for salesforce professionals. If any of you are stuck in salesforce CRM, then I would highly recommend please refer his website for better understanding or How to resolve the issue. For sure, you will find highly skilled and professional content on his site.

Introduction to Round Robin Distributor (RRD):

RRD is a powerful yet easily configurable rules based application on Salesforce appexhange that ensures your Leads, cases are distributed to team members in an intelligent and timely manner

It is a native Salesforce application that can be downloaded directly from Salesforce AppExchange like other Salesforce Apps.

  1. Easy to Install, Customize & Intuitive UI
  2. Real-Time automatic Lead and Case assignment to active users.
  3. Configurable Alerts and smart Dashboards

With RRD you can now focus on other important aspects of business, while RRD manages your complex Queues & Resources.

Download RRD Visit Here

Mr. Ben not only mentioned our product in LinkedIn post, but he also listed RRD in the blog “Salesforce Lead Routing Solutions – An Overview” which is written by Andreea Doroftei. Ofcourse, this is such a great NEWS for us as one of the Salesforce GEM in the community listed RRD.

Thanks Ben McCarthy and Andreea Doroftei for mentioning us in the list of most powerful Lead Routing solutions in Salesforce. Hope, we will be able to list our cool products in your upcoming blogs.