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Re-engineer the student application assignment/tracking process

The client is a private nursing college with multiple locations in the United States. They use Salesforce to manage all new applications that come from their web and mobile channels. Salesforce is integrated with its downstream systems used for Student Administration & Financial systems.

Opportunity/Problem Statement

  • The new student applications from the web and mobile channels required complicated assignment rules to be implemented to achieve the assignment of leads as well as opportunities.
  • The assignment should factor in the prior relationships with registration team members and prior student history with the client.
  • Cater to leads coming from multiple sources like online web portal and Pardot.
  • Achieve syncing of the newly created leads to an existing system (CampusVue) via integration.

Solution Highlights

  • Created and implemented Lead and Opportunity assignment algorithms that factored in the relationship based owner assignment feature.
  • Restructured the entire codebase for the client to make sure the correct assignment is done using the new solution and proper data is synced to their legacy system once the owner assignment process is completed.
  • Implemented batches to sync all the data for opportunities and accounts at regular intervals to CampusVue.
  • Implemented additional batches to push and pull tasks and events to and from CampusVue.
  • Implemented error emailing feature for offline error tracking and debugging

The Results

Better student experience as they were connected with the staff that had prior relationships with them. The admission team’s productivity increased as they no longer had overheads for tasks of manual syncing and owner assignment.

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