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Predicting Customer Churn for a SaaS company

The project involved working with the business SMEs to understand the data and customer usage behavior, support, cases, and external business drivers.

Opportunity/Problem Statement

  • Sales conversion ratio is less than 20%
  • Pipeline quality is less than optimal
  • High sales cost as a % of revenue and stagnant revenue over the past few years

Solution Highlights

  • Mirketa built the Salesforce Einstein Prediction model for predicting customer churn for SaaS company.
  • Analyze more than 35 variables from CRM and customer data to understand the DNA of winning deals.
  • We created derived data to be used for modeling and created AI models with 90+ confidence score to predict the likelihood of a customer leaving beforehand.

The Results

Sales reps now deprioritize deals that have low probability. Sales processes are being enforced using next steps recommendation

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