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Reasons Why Addiction Treatment Centers should consider leveraging Salesforce as a CRM

By |2021-05-11T04:17:36+00:00April 5th, 2021|

If you are running a treatment program, you might very well relate to the fact that you end up managing a lot of different activities happening simultaneously on an everyday basis. You have to oversee the entire admission process, handle new admissions, their insurance verifications, ensure that the pre-admission assessment is completed in a timely manner and any other activity that fits.

Apart from all these activities that are integral entities of the Care Process, it is essential that your treatment program keeps a track of all your leads as well. These leads are your prospective customers and nurturing them is the only way to ensure that they turn into actual clients! When you’re managing a lot of leads, it becomes all the more difficult to keep a track of all of these leads on a regular basis. Now, it might sound overwhelming but all you need is an efficient CRM solution and you’re set to keep your lead management worries aside!

The ultimate goal of a CRM solution is to help you organize and improve your business. It essentially enables your Sales & Marketing teams in increasing your business outreach. Not only does it make lead management easier, it improves your customer service as well! Now, there are several CRM options in the market and choosing the right fit for your business is something that might need significant research on your end.

We personally believe that the world’s #1 CRM solution – Salesforce, has a proven track record of helping businesses surpass their sales goals. Salesforce is renowned for its lead management capabilities and it excels at enabling businesses effectively nurture these leads without a lot of extra effort. Apart from lead management, Salesforce is an expert in creating personalized experiences, eliminating cases of data silos and significantly enhancing collaboration.

Let’s now delve deeper and understand the primary reasons treatment centers should be using Salesforce as their CRM solution.

1. Patient Data Consistency for All Users

Salesforce for Addiction Treatment Centers

The most important benefit of using Salesforce is the fact that all the data related to a single patient is available for everyone across the organization without the need for maintaining multiple different records. This data consistency also means that there is little scope for error because each person is seeing the same patient record. Now, this is something that significantly increases productivity as a lot of time is spent by healthcare providers in recording and rectifying patient information.

2. Connected Systems

Salesforce for Addiction Treatment Industry

Salesforce is very much capable of effectively connecting all your important systems so that you can avoid spending a lot of time on multiple systems that you might be using for your addiction treatment business. With all the disparate systems effectively connected to your Salesforce setup, your staff can spend more time on patients and less on maintaining data in these multiple systems.

3. Superior Marketing and Digital Engagement Capabilities

Elixir EHR for addiction treatment center

Salesforce has a proven track record of helping businesses increase their outreach. With powerful integration capabilities – Salesforce can be set up to increase your engagement through most of the possible digital channels. Be it through direct calls, websites, social media channels – Salesforce has you completely covered! You can effectively nurture your leads and avoid the possibilities of missing out on leads.

4.  Efficient Collaboration between different teams

Addiction Treatment Center

With Salesforce, Addiction Treatment Providers can ensure that all of their teams are efficiently collaborating with each other in a strategic and well-planned manner. Salesforce has multiple capabilities which can help in automating several tasks. These automations definitely increase the overall productivity of different teams and eliminate any kind of bottlenecks as well.

5. Complete Customizability

Salesforce for Addiction Treatment Centers

The sheer number of capabilities offered by Salesforce is unimaginable. If you are a treatment provider, you definitely understand the importance of spending less time on the system and more on the patients. You would definitely not want to get lost in the world of Salesforce for sure. Now, this is where the complete customizable nature of Salesforce comes into picture. You can have your Salesforce system customized based on your specific use cases and avoid interaction with unnecessary clutter. Your customized system would fit your business like a glove and would help you in reducing a lot of time on a daily basis as well.

6. Personalized Patient Experience

Salesforce for Addiction Treatment Industry

Salesforce can help addiction treatment providers in effectively nurturing their patients at each stage of their journey by keeping personalization their topmost priority. With all the data that is captured by Salesforce corresponding to each patient, personalized plans can be easily created that aim to serve the patients in a better way. Additionally, all other preferences of the patients can also be easily tracked and addressed. All of these special capabilities definitely contribute a lot towards trust building and strengthening relationships with the patient.

7. Powerful Reporting

Elixir EHR for addiction treatment industry

Salesforce has powerful capabilities that help you easily build useful Reports and Dashboards. It’s a very well-known fact that any business decision is based on supporting figures and relevant data points. Apart from effectively maintaining your important data in Salesforce, you can easily generate highly insightful and easily comprehensible reports. These reports effectively help in visualizing important data points and ultimately gaining intelligent insights which are very important for taking any business decision.

8. Data Security

Addiction Treatment Industry

Patient data security is of utmost importance for addiction treatment providers. Any case of data breach can severely impact patient safety and lead to significant financial loses as well. Fortunately, Salesforce is considered as the Gold Standard for handling sensitive data. With the top-notch security standards and compliance with HIPPA, HITRUST and other important regulations, care providers can rest assured with the security of their sensitive patient database.

Having talked about all the benefits that Salesforce has in store, another deciding factor for your success is choosing the right Salesforce Implementation Partner. Mirketa has more than one million hours of experience in Salesforce implementation and can deliver your custom designed Salesforce setup within a matter of a few weeks! Read more about how we have a specialization in the Healthcare Provider Space by going through our page dedicated to Salesforce Implementation for Healthcare Providers.

You can also download our free eBook on How to leverage Salesforce for your Addiction Treatment Centers and learn more about how we can help in custom designing your Salesforce system.

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