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Get Proactive with Salesforce-Mirketa’s Vaccine Cloud Solutions

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Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

Image Source – Google | Image By- Mobile Health Times

Introduction to Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

Since the starting of Pandemic COVID-19, many organizations worked closely with Public health, Government, and health organizations to support and contribute to their response. Companies like Salesforce Launched to help leaders and business reopen workspace safely and support the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Now the time is around mass vaccination campaign but delivering vaccine and managing the distribution process to potential billions of people is not just a task. In fact, it’s challenging.

To tackle this challenge again companies moved a step forward and launched a vaccine management software that helps public health authorities, healthcare providers, nonprofits, and educational institutions around the world rapidly scale vaccine operations, from receiver registration and scheduling to inventory management and public health outreach.

Introduction to Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

Who will be utilizing the vaccine cloud?

Vaccine Management is customized to meet the needs of Government organizations, Healthcare providers.

Government organizations: To run a vaccine campaign government organizations critically need data and insights for securing enough doses to tracking vaccination rates and visualizing data. With vaccine Management government will find themself at top of monitoring their goals of vaccinating their populations.

Some of the applications are:

  • Monitor overall vaccination view
  • Manage covid hotspots
  • Provide assistance using data analytics
  • Manage vaccine supply chain
  • Back and forth communication
  • Monitor vaccine effectiveness
  • Alerts on outliers

What is Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

Healthcare providers: Using vaccine Management, providers can monitor everything from educating and training their staff to managing inventory. Administering vaccine doses to follow up communications and speed as well as scale mass outreach needs.

Some of the applications are:

  • Monitor the vaccine effectiveness
  • Alerts on outliers
  • Patient onboarding
  • Patient appointment booking
  • Patient monitoring
  • Patient health records
  • Alerts on vaccination allergies
  • Comply with state policies

Businesses: With Vaccine Management, businesses can establish connection with their workers and customers with resources and content to increase vaccine literacy. They can track and understand how vaccination rates impact their reopening plans.

Examples of the use cases

Vaccination workflow and 360 patient view

One of the crucial ways in which we automate the workflow for a faster and accurate vaccine administration, the user who is administering should be able to have a 360-degree view of the patient medical information and history. The below is an example of what the user would see and note that it is completely customizable.

The tabs quickly represent the 360-degree patient information without navigating and loading different pages, while looking at the different stages of the workflow customized to your practice.

Introducing Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

Inventory Management of Vaccines

With the advent of vaccination, the system alerts the relevant users to refill the vaccines if it is going below the chosen threshold. The below image shows how the vaccines are processed and tracked.

Get to know salesforce vaccine cloud

Command Center

The command center gives a bird’s eye view of the statistics on the vaccine administration across healthcare providers.

Salesforce Vaccine Management


Vaccine cloud by Salesforce takes all the stakeholders into account to manage and process the data in a safe and secure way to increase the process efficiency.

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