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Build Salesforce Health Cloud Solutions

Salesforce Health Cloud Solution Architecture | Salesforce Health Cloud Development | Salesforce Health Cloud Integration

We are a Salesforce Health Cloud development partner with a specialization in the healthcare provider space.

We work with Providers on rolling out Salesforce Health Cloud to automate the patient care journeys, from the marketing prospects to care to bill and ongoing patient relationship management. We have even developed Elixir, the first EMR/EHR system built on Salesforce Health Cloud. Our Salesforce Health Cloud implementation services include:

  • Salesforce Health Cloud Solution Architecture
    As part of the Salesforce Health Cloud Design services, our consultants create a blueprint of the solution to be built on Salesforce Health Cloud mapping business entities and processes onto Salesforce Health Cloud. It calls out the roles for each system, needs for custom development and integration.
  • Salesforce Health Cloud Development and Customization
    We follow Agile Development practices to do development on Salesforce Health Cloud and integrate with other systems as required. A typical Salesforce Health Cloud implementation includes the following:
  • Salesforce Health Cloud Patient Intake Process
    Onboarding a new patient by converting them from the Lead/Opportunity stage to a patient, conducting verification of benefits (VOB), pre-assessments (patient current state information, capturing any historical information), etc.
  • Census Management
    Empower staff to stay organized and have a bird’s eye view of the current census across rooms across facilities.
  • Assessments
    Assessments help the facility to remain planned and organized, avoiding any possible confusion. These include H & P assessment, Nursing Assessment, Bio Psych Social, Special Assessments, Case Management assessment, UR Reviews, etc.
  • Salesforce Health Cloud Diagnosis and CPT Codes
    Setup Salesforce Health Cloud ICD10 and CPT codes that Providers can use in notes and billing.

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Doctor and Nursing Notes using Salesforce Health Cloud

Ability to capture notes from Doctors and Nurses and view them on a timeline.

Salesforce Health Cloud Care Plans

Salesforce Health Cloud Care plans are shared with all the care team members involved in inpatient treatments. This helps in taking good care of the patient, facilitating communication, and tracking the real-time status of the patient.

Prescription Management

Integration with 3rd party prescription management solutions and managing Electronic Medical Administration Record (eMAR) is available for the provider staff, helping them in taking care of the record of all the drugs administered to a patient.

Salesforce Healthcare Providers

Salesforce Health Cloud Billing

Create billing templates and integrate with billing platforms for real time billing submission and tracking.

Discharge and Alumni Management

Reminders to complete all the pre-discharge procedures well in time. Custom integration allows the facility to be in touch with the alumni patients.

Reporting and Other

Salesforce Health Cloud customized reporting has always proved to be a powerful tool to help you gain meaningful insights and act accordingly.

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