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Introduction to Quote to Cash (QTC)

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I am introducing here Quote to Cash which is well known as QTC. QTC is a process where Sales Organizations send details to their customers on their product offerings as per their need, provide them with the pricing for the set of products that they have requested, put all those in an official document called Quote and then it continues through Invoice, payment, and negotiation which comes under Cash.

Salesforce QTC

This is a summary of QTC but this can be one of the most complex and challenging task for a medium to large organization.
Salesforce quote-to-cash helps in streamlining and configuring these processes and give your business great efficiency, more reliability, and better discernability.

Here I am going to explain you the above life cycle of QTC which describes how to begin and where to END.

Configure with all the products, components, and services that a Sales Organization intends to sell to its customers.
Whether we realize it or not, we are configuring products all the time in our daily life. Whenever we step into any phase or any activity, we expect everything to be configurable per our specific needs and requirements. You might be configuring your playlist while reading this document or configuring your screen. Whatever you configure depends upon what best suits your requirement and need.
In our experience, this desire to configure may be driven by want but in business configuration, it’s driven by need.

Pricing can be as simple as no product multiplied by unit price and can be complex once the pricing rules, discounts, sales/state tax, bundle pricing, and multiple price book management come into the picture.
The Business world is ever-changing and with time industry changes, your competitor’s increase and pricing of your products change.
In a competitive space, few businesses can sell products at their list price, and few of them offering a discount.

Quote is where it is all tied together with a well-formatted presentation of the products, prices, and other terms and conditions for the selling agreement which the internal Managers approve first and then the customers’ signs to process for the orders.
When your customers ask for a quote, it means they are looking forward to potentially purchase your product or from sales rep perspective once a sales rep gets to the stage of providing a quote, the focus is usually on closing the deal.

The basic definition of a quote is to document the information about products and services that your customer is going to buy. This might include the contact information for you and for your customer.
Apart from the above information, it includes:

    1. A table of products your customer wants to buy.
    2. List of pricings of each product with a discount.
    3. It can also include your company terms & conditions that you want to present to your customer.

Now your sales reps have come into the role to represent a quote to the customers which will give them a detailed description of products and their pricing.

Billing is the most important stage of the QTC life cycle. The moment you have represented your Quote to your client and they have closed the deal, someone in your organization needs to raise the invoice for your client. Billing, being a crucial stage in the QTC cycle, someone needs to be highly responsible from the time representing the invoice to the collection of payment.
Billing includes collecting payments, recognizing revenue, and manage the dunning process.

Need for QTC Apps

Are you manually reviewing your quote?

If your quote approval process is manual It means if someone is there in your company who approve quote manually it will be time taking or inaccurate more following this way for approval can work for short term or for short business. But, it won’t work for the long term and for large scale business. This will be a high time to go for QTC.

Do you have plans to increase revenue?

If you want your company to grow in the next few years, then it is high time to go for QTC software. As your business grows, the product grows, the customer grows and so will the number of sales and quotes you generate. Using QTC your sales representative can generate quote accurately and quickly.

Salesforce QTC

Need modern technology for your business?

If you love spending in your business for growth, then you are the one who should use QTC. It will give you the best solution to get the maximum from the client and close your deal most accurately. QTC will make your business

Smarter, Better and Faster.

If you are looking for any of these capabilities in your business, then it is time to switch to QTC.
There are a lot of apps and vendors available in the market which provided plugins on Salesforce to automate QTC but we have taken up the 3 Leaders; Steelbrick, Apptus, and Kugamon in this field and highlighted the best features and their capabilities for easy comparison.

Are you excited to work with modern payment/invoice methodologies?

If you love working with advanced and smart options of executing any process and you want to get rid of manual payment method and invoicing options, then it Is the time when you should go for an app.
QTC apps will give you a smart way of converting your quote to cash. It gives you the best of generating invoices on a single click with accurate values. It gives you a way to approve the generated invoice from your senior authorities so that you can make the billing process without any fallacy.

So, go for QTC and start showing a quick-witted intelligence

This is how you can achieve QTC in your organization. If you want to have in-depth knowledge of QTC Out of the box functionalities, what salesforce has provided us, how you can get more using customization then please go through our EBook on Quote-to-cash.
We will take you on a journey on how salesforce manages QTC. We will also introduce you to the top QTC app available in the Salesforce AppExchange market with full functionality description.

For more information please go through the link of our EBook.

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