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Salesforce BOTS Taking your way of doing business to the next level

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Gain an edge over the competition by taking advantage of the advancement in technology and changing the way you communicate with your employees & clients.

Salesforce Bots

Customers nowadays are demanding better experience and personalized services when interacting with companies & no business can sustain this cut throat competitive environment without ensuring customer satisfaction. That’s why companies focus has shifted heavily from branding/messaging to building and maintaining Customer-business relationship, image is already out there in the open, companies nowadays need to protect and retain their brand image by taking care of their customers. Salesforce BOT are the future in companies, this will change the way you communicate and do business.

Imagine one BOT taking care of your numerous clients 24*7. Recently there has been a massive surge in both the number of chatbots being developed and the number of companies adopting these BOTS. The market is realizing the need of utilizing this text-based service (chatbots) for their day to day mundane tasks so that they get to deal with urgent and interesting customer issues, giving everyone a better experience. These automated assistants can be used for a gamut of purposes, including collecting information, providing assistance with various issues, assisting sales teams, and much more. The two types of chatbots namely, internal-facing and external-facing enterprise chatbots specialize either helping customers or employees. External facing assistants helping customer care teams, also called customer service chatbots are the most common type of enterprise bots, this helps to cater to the heavy customer traffic on a day to day basis.

Chatbots have gone through a lot of changes since the first one was developed in 1966 called Eliza, which mimicked human conversations by recognizing the cue words. Picking up the keywords has been the basic building block of chatbots since then, Bots nowadays use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the commands/queries and respond accordingly. In simple terms, what NLP does is it breaks down the sentences into actionable keywords, providing BOTS the understanding of what the user is asking for. It doesn’t only recognize the keywords but also the context and tone of the conversation making the chatbots extremely intelligent giving them a personalized human touch and this is just the start, it’s only going to get smarter every day with all the work that has been going on in the field of Artificial Intelligence across the globe.

Our team of business consultants and technologists work with you to understand your business needs and leverage the full potential of the World’s no. 1 CRM “ Salesforce, to bring to you AI enabled BOTS using Sales Cloud, Community Cloud & Service Cloud helping employees and customers both by providing them instant actionable insights.

Though chatbots are business use case-specific, all of them have these benefits in common, they result in:

  • Reduced response time to none, drastically improving the efficiency
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Increased profits

A chatbot report released earlier this year by Business Insider said that over 80% of the businesses are either having or are expected to have implemented some sort of chatbot solution by 2020. Companies are taking the first mover advantage by incorporating chatbots into their operations, you should too.


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