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Sales and Marketing Automation for Addiction Treatment, Part 1

Have you ever sat wondering if you had followed up with everyone you were supposed to talk to today? Or managed a team and wondered if they were following through? These questions plague most sales-driven businesses daily, but to Addiction Treatment Centers this could mean that someone’s life is on the line.

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I have worked in the business of Addiction Recovery for the last several years and I am not perfect, I have forgotten to call people back too. Before the age of automation, it was a spreadsheet here and a notebook over there. Now it’s time to create reports to show your boss what you did for the week, I’d rather go to the dentist. I have had the pleasure of teaching organizations how to streamline their processes and I will give you tips on how to start the process

Integrate a CRM

What is a CRM you ask? Well, it stands for Customer Relationship Management, it’s a mouthful I know but CRM works too. What are the benefits you ask? I can read your mind. (Kidding)

  1. Improved Information Organization- Where did that sticky note go that I had with that guys info on it? Really? Keep all your information in one space in the Cloud preferably my CRM of choice is Salesforce. Mirketa is a Salesforce Partner.
  2. CRM for Enhanced Communication- So on the last call, the guy you spoke to said you could come for free? I Doubt That! If all your interactions happen in one space on the cloud then other employees can see what was discussed in prior interactions with the customer. Now you will be more effective at handling them, your welcome.
  3. CRM Improves Your Customer Service- Can you hold on while I find your information? Click! Past client’s data can be pulled up simply by the caller ID. You will have the customer data in front of you within seconds of the phone ringing.
  4. Automation of Everyday Tasks- I need to get this over to the insurance team, can I call you back? Next! Never hang up the phone with someone, automation is key. How cool would it be to automate insurance verification or integrate with Availity to get real-time insurance data? Well, it’s happening today, get in the game.
  5. Greater Efficiency for Multiple Teams- Let me send your request to our travel team and have them call you back. Who likes to wait? How about Salesforce letting you know who is available and at the click of a button the next team will have all the customer information at their fingertips for a seamless handoff?
  6. Improved Analytical Data and Reporting- Hey Johnny I’m going to need that report sent over right away. Come on Johnny! Johnny is always late sending reports, I’d fire him but he showed this blog post to his boss and now they’re getting Salesforce and automating their Reports and Dashboards so nobody will ever have to ask him for a report again.

Stay tuned for more posts on; Sales and Marketing Automation for Addiction Treatment.

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