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How Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help companies drive their revenue?

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In today’s world, brands and companies know more about their customers than ever before. Companies have access to data that determine the buying habits and behavior of individual customers, but the challenge is how to utilize this data correctly and efficiently to drive revenue upwards. To make sure companies can take the best decision to increase sales, they need insights into customer journeys and deliver connected, personalized, and one-to-one customer experiences.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes in. It helps companies to deliver relevant, personalized journeys across channels to the customer which gives marketing department the ability to deliver the right message at the right time through different phases of the consumer relationship. Marketing Cloud provides companies with integrated solutions for customer journey management, email, mobile, social, web personalization, advertising, content creation and management, and data analysis. Every interaction the company has with a customer can be made more effective with this platform.

Marketing Cloud gives companies access to many tools to be able to cover all the different channels through which they interact with their customers. These tools help in improving the quality of interactions between company and customer and thus driving revenue.

Some of these tools are-

Journey Builder: This marketing automation solution from Salesforce lets companies create customized customer journeys through multiple channels

Email Studio: This tool customized campaigns to reach the customer through email marketing

Social Studio: With Social Studio, you can plan and schedule content among individuals and teams spread across geographical distances, brands, or departments and you can engage with your customers after publishing content

Mobile Studio: This tool enables marketing interactions via SMS, push notifications, and group messaging for customers whose contact information is available

Audience Studio: This tool captures data from any source and unify all that data in one single place. Audience Studio fulfills the company’s goal of “social listening” to enable the creation of content that is more appealing to our audience

Advertising Studio: It allows companies to create a unique customer experience in terms of ads displayed to users by leveraging the CRM data of each customer to reach them using advertising campaigns

Marketing Cloud Personalization: This tool helps marketing team to visualize customers’ experiences in real-time through different channels and to connect with them through any interaction

Data Studio: According to Salesforce, Data Studio is the best solution for audience discovery, data acquisition, and data provisioning and features the world’s largest premium data ecosystem. It lets create richer audiences for Marketers at a scale

Google Analytics 360: This Marketing Cloud tool developed by Google allows users to use all the insights from customers to understand them better and obtain more from marketing actions.

Pardot: This tool is aimed at B2B sales, it makes marketing automation easier to empower sales teams when closing deals and creating meaningful connections.

These tools allow a company to interact with customers using specific content across all channels by understanding the unique journey each customer is on. Once we understand the entire journey a consumer goes through, we can understand their behavior in response to any interactions they have with the company. This enables companies to take decisions based on their prediction of consumer behavior to interactions and send individuals the right message, at the right time and across the right channel.

As a Salesforce consultant, Mirketa provides Marketing Cloud Setup, customizations, and automation that enables companies and brands to connect with their targeted audience, personalize customer journeys, and grow their brand all within a single platform. We can help you recognize every defining moment in the customer journey and properly utilize them using effective marketing automation services to build customers’ journeys across the company’s website, advertising, mobile, and email to deliver a smooth experience across sales, marketing, and service.

To ensure that the marketing cloud is playing its part in driving revenue, our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Solutions are customized according to your needs and goals to get the maximum benefits from implementation. The solutions will be unique for each and every customer and our solutions are designed based on your methods and processes to ensure that the marketing team of your company is well supported and their jobs are made much easier.

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