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How can students improve experience using Insights from Salesforce Education Cloud?

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The modern student has two things that students previously never did. These are access to information and options. The modern student has access to data and information from all around the world and they can choose how and when to receive what information.

Thus, Modern colleges and Institutes need the ability to assist a student at the right time using the right channel, the ability to keep parents informed about their child’s progress, and the proactiveness to respond with agility and empathy. Salesforce Education Cloud helps colleges achieve all this and much more to make sure the life of students is made as convenient as possible outside the classroom. It makes it easier for institutions to collaborate, communicate, and create better experiences for all. After all, the students should be facing challenges inside the classroom and not in their daily life.

Salesforce Education Cloud

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Salesforce education cloud helps prioritize the student experience to empower student to achieve their potential. It gives colleges insights into student activity and preferences, enables them to identify meaningful connections with students, and build communities focused on students, parents, alumni or any other stakeholders. Most importantly, it simplifies the life of students, so that they can focus on the important things.

The ways in which Salesforce education cloud can improve a student’s experience all the way from admissions to until after they graduate are-

  1. It can make the admissions process smoother, faster, easier, and more accessible to all prospective students to increase applications and make sure you don’t miss out on the students right for your college,
  2. Salesforce Education Cloud enables colleges to create and maintain a central hub of information that is accessible by the student and enables connected experiences at scale, every step of the way.
  3. It helps in gaining critical insights about students preferences and choices to make sure that colleges can personalize the experience of every student according to their needs throughout their education
  4. It also helps build strong communities focused around students with fast-response communication and encourages student interactions
  5. Make sure your entire campus and beyond are connected using Salesforce education cloud. It helps create meaningful connections with teachers, students, staff, parents and alumni.

If you need help to figure out how you can use Education cloud to your benefit, we at Mirketa Inc can help you analyze your needs and requirements and come up with a plan of digital transformation to achieve your specific goals. The correct execution of this digital transformation plan can help empower your students to achieve their best.

Just like the Education cloud itself, we keep evolving the plan according to your evolving needs to make sure you are always a step ahead and have the ability to act on critical insights that you might gain from students in real time for maximum impact. If you want to further discuss how we can help you implement Salesforce education cloud for best results, please visit us at

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