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Qualities of a Good Programmer

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Programming is a very challenging domain as it requires a lot of patience and concentration. Before learning any programming language, one must have the attitude to not give up until one finds the solution. Programming language is just a way to solve a problem but logical skills and ability to solve the problem are the basic requirements of a good programmer.

Following are 7 essential qualities of a good programmer:

    1. Good Technical skills: A programmer must have the basic knowledge of a programming language he/she is working in. A good programmer should be comfortable with any language he/she comes across as it makes them technically more strong.
    2. Willingness to learn: A programmer should not be hesitant in learning new updates or features of his/her area of technology as technologies evolve continuously. A programmer should always learn about the latest updates or features to keep his skills up to the mark.
    3. Problem-solving skills: A programmer will most likely come through several problems during the development of a project and he should be prepared to deal with any of these problems and should have the ability to analyze the problem smartly and find a solution.
    4. Debugging skills: Software is a set of instructions given by programmers to work according to expectation. But if the software doesn’t work as expected, a programmer is expected to get to the root cause of the problem quickly and smartly. Instead of spending time blindly making changes, a programmer should carefully go through his/her code and look for possible issues until the bug is resolved.
    5. Ability to plan: Every development project starts with requirement analysis for the project and after this phase, the actual development starts. But some developers start in a hurry and write buggy and inefficient code which affects the performance of the project. Therefore, before starting the actual work, the programmer should make an effective and flexible plan by keeping in mind that the code should utilize minimum resources and produce maximum output and improves overall performance and can also accommodate future updates in the project.
    6. Ability to overcome failure: It is very rare that a programmer will deliver everything perfect on the first attempt. There are instances when a programmer faces certain bugs that seem really tough to resolve and time-consuming, but programmers should take those bugs as an opportunity to learn and improve rather than accepting failure.
    7. Ability to research for the right solution: Every problem, whether complex or straightforward, has many different solutions but a good programmer is one who keeps researching until he/she finds the right solution. A programmer should have the ability to pick the solution which is effective and can accommodate future changes in the requirements of the project.

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