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Lightening Process Builder

By |2020-06-24T08:20:36+00:00September 3rd, 2016|

A quick look at the Lightning Process Builder.


People in the salesforce world use automated processes a lot. We all know that almost each and every CRM of salesforce has a workflow associated with it. Workflow assists in assigning several actions like sending emails, sending outbound messages, assigning tasks to other users, and updating fields based on rule criteria and evolution criteria and sometimes based on specified time as well. But to make the automation process easier, a new process came into the picture –Lightning Process Builder. This provides a graphical representation of the process a person builds. In other words, we can call it a type of visual workflow.

lightening process builder workflow


Following functions are available in Lightning Process Builder:

1. In the process builder first, we select the object

mirketa-lightening process builder demo

2. After this, we add the criteria. In the criteria we have a mandatory part which is:

  • Criteria for executing the action, and then it is further divided into three parts:
      • Conditions are met: There are three types of conditions that we can set in here:
        • All of the conditions are met.
        • Any of the conditions are met.
        • Customize the logic: In this, we can set our own logic.

mirketa-lightening process builder criteria

  • Formula evaluates to true: We can build a formula in this section.

mirketa-lightening process builder formula

  • No Criteria-just execute the action: This option will fire the action without any criteria.

mirketa-lightening process builder no criteria

3. In a process builder, we can also take immediate action. In this section, we have several Action Types.
mirketa-lightening process builder action menu
4. We can also set scheduled actions in Process Builder.
mirketa-lightening process builder scheduled actions

5. If the first criterion becomes false we can set another criterion for that part.

mirketa-lightening process builder criteria workflow

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