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Transforming the Advisor Student relationship using Salesforce Education Cloud

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How to increase student retention rates? How to provide them with the best advisory plans to help them achieve their goals? How to increase and scale the efficiency of advisors dealing with multiple students (all having different needs!)?

If you often find yourself asking these questions for your higher education institution, Salesforce Education Cloud may have a solution for you!

Salesforce Education Cloud

In a Survey conducted by Salesforce. Org, Student support was identified as the most difficult indicator to track, although it and student participation were identified as the most frequently tracked activity.

This shows that the student development supervision process can be improved to better serve the academic achievement course process in this case. Many respondents (32%) said that accessing and reporting student success data was “a little difficult”.

More than 60% of respondents find student information by asking colleagues, searching spreadsheets or other electronic documents, but 37% of respondents find it “difficult” or “very difficult” to share and collaborate on student data. The dominant student counselling model is a hybrid model, consisting of liaisons initiated by the central counselling department and students (44%). The second most common is the central counselling department, which provides active student support (29%). This shows that despite the existing infrastructure, the type of consulting management may create or exacerbate challenges.

Advisory and Recommendations are at the core of your institute’s academic success. Students need consultants to understand their stories and act as an enabler on their educational path-from application to the achievement of academic and professional goals. Among students, this helps to create a sense of belonging and connection-this is an important factor in retaining students. Salesforce

Advisor Link is the perfect tool for you that helps advisors of all types better connect with students, quickly recognise risk patterns, and ensure they are on the path to success!!

The needs for advisory have changed. Students now want counsellors to understand their complete journey, from application, adoption, academic and personal challenges to career goals. They will need an enabler and guide for the best experience. Salesforce Advisor Link can help all types of enablers increase efficiency and proactiveness so that students can be more successful. Whether it’s onboarding and preliminary advice, academic, sports financial assistance, or career advice, Salesforce Advisor Link provides real-time insights, collaboration tools, and a platform for more custom students, so that consultants can spend less time doing this and more time advising students.

Although the pandemic has caused many students to rethink their path to “dream jobs” and their graduation plans, many of the students have adapted (especially) the mantra of “meet students”. Counsellors use new strategies and virtual solutions to ease face-to-face interactions and continue to ensure student success

education cloud salesforce

One-Stop Solution

Manage your student’s day on one screen with the Advisor Console, which provides advisors with an overview of student participation, academic plans, affiliation, and more. Over time, all consultants and support staff can work together under a unified consulting agreement.

Mobile Appointment

Advisors can decide who to meet and what topics to discuss (for example, career, study, finance), and students can check the availability of their advisor’s appointments and cancellation policies, and book meetings directly through their phone. Appointments can be easily integrated into the consultant’s calendar, so they can view meeting minutes and to-do items from any device for follow-up.

Meeting management simplifies waiting room and front desk management by coordinating queues, managing check-in, and enabling agents to manage cases and queries from a unified view. When the student signs in and starts the meeting, the advisor can receive a notification, without the need to manually handover or send an email.

Easy Connect Make it easy for Students to connect to their consultants. Students can join a successful team, which can include their academic advisors, career advisors, coaches, funding advisors, or resident assistants. When students visit the Advisor link, they can immediately see the guidance team and the contact information of their advisor in one place.

Student View Advisor can create views to identify different categories of students for example- “High Performers”, “High Risk”, “Out of State” or any other flags as found suitable. This will help them scale and automate for a group of students with similar needs.

Degree Planning Create customized learning plans and actively work with students to achieve success through online degree programs. Consultants can fully understand the unique graduation requirements of each student, enabling them to view, edit and create customized roadmaps for each student’s unique path to graduation on time more effectively.

Real Time Alerts Academic Advisory Solution Data Informed Alerts combines data from SIS, LMS, graduation, and forecasting software to determine whether students are at risk. Configure automatic alerts based on this aggregated data and allow faculty and staff to record manual alerts that are forwarded to academic advisors.

Scale you Communications Use pre-built communication templates to put aspiring current students on the path to academic success with just a few clicks. Monitor progress and automatically send emails and texts for appointment reminders, important deadlines, or words of motivation.

When students have a positive growth experience and customized recommendations, it will have a significant impact on retention and graduation rates. Your consultants are the best enablers to provide these experiences, but they need more efficient and smarter tools. Salesforce Advisor Link enables advisors and students to drive success in new ways. Advisor Link is built on the Salesforce platform and puts the latest innovations (such as EDA, Service Cloud and Einstein artificial intelligence) in the hands of your advisors.

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