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Technology Expertise of Mirketa

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Technology Expertise of Mirketa

Mirketa is a technology consulting company with deep and broad expertise on tech solutions. One of the core values of Mirketa is to stay ahead of the curve and as a reflection of that, the resources are spread across various technologies to satisfy a diverse set of customer needs. By incorporating wide range of technology, Mirketa never compromises on the quality, resulting in the overall customer satisfaction score of 9.6 out of 10, across all the technologies.

Here’s a Glimpse of some of the technologies that we work on:

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Salesforce Sales Cloud:

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Sales cloud is the Sales automation platform which is a part of the CRM system that Salesforce offers. The Sales Cloud platform is used majorly by the Sales team of organizations. Sales cloud helps organizations to store customer data in the most organized way possible and perform various sales applications effortlessly replacing the cumbersome emails, spreadsheets, etc. Mirketa has years of experience and highly satisfied customers of Sales cloud implementations spread across industries such as healthcare, commerce, education, etc.

Your organization can use Sales cloud for:

1. Lead Management
2. Sales process automation
3. Workflow Automation and Approvals
4. Opportunity management
5. Sales Reports and dashboards
6. Sales forecasting
7. Access to deep Sales insights
8. Multi-platform access to Sales data
9. Realtime Email and Calendaring
10. Realtime Partner Management

If your organization to looking to streamline your Sales process by digitization, Mirketa is the right partner.

Salesforce Service Cloud:

Over the years, Mirketa has hugely helped organizations realize their service goals to increase the value of organizations among its customers through flawless Service cloud implementations. Service cloud, as a platform helps your organization manage your service team in the most organized way to increase service satisfaction among customers.

Here’s a gist of how Mirketa has helped organizations realize their service goals through Service cloud:

1. Personalized Service
2. Multichannel support
3. Service team knowledge base
4. Live Agents
5. Automated Case assignments and escalations
6. Mobile platform access
7. Customer Service Bots
8. Automated services using AI
9. Deep customer insights

Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing cloud platform helps organizations streamline their marketing efforts by storing multi-channel marketing data and automating customer journeys to give a seamless experience across marketing, sales and service.

Mirketa has helped its customers to achieve their marketing targets through the following implementation on marketing cloud:

1. Custom and targeted Journey Builder
2. Audience Builder
3. Personalization Builder
4. Content Builder
5. Analytics Builder
6. Marketing Cloud Connect
7. Targeted Call To Action

Salesforce CPQ:

Salesforce CPQ

Over the few years since the beginning of Salesforce CPQ, Mirketa has been phenomenal in helping its customers configure their products, services, price and quotes seamlessly to their customers to tap the maximum revenue potential.

Major applications of CPQ that has been implemented are:

1. Configuration, price, and quotes
2. Bundles
3. Subscription pricing
4. Renewals
5. Dynamic Pricing
6. Templatized quotes
7. Documents and contracts with E-signature

Salesforce Education Cloud:

Salesforce Education Cloud

Education Cloud is the platform equivalent to a large-scale education ERP Software. Mirketa, among many EDA implementations, was responsible for implementing an end to end Education Cloud implement for a large Educational institution in the US, which resulted in increased efficiency and ensured business continuity during lockdown.

If you are an educational institution looking to transform the institution digitally, Mirketa could be the right implementation partner for the following applications of HEDA:

1. Student Journey
2. Institution’s marketing automation
3. Student and staff portals
4. Alumni Engagement
5. Performance tracking
6. Online transformation
7. Deep insights using reports and dashboards
8. Architecture Consultation

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Analytics:

Salesforce AI

Step into the world of powerful data driven decision making by implementing the right applications of AI, ML and Analytics. Mirketa has been a major implementor of the new age technologies to help organizations stay ahead of the curve. It helps our customers stay ahead of their competition and arrive at solutions for problems that they didn’t even know that they had before. Mirketa also leverages Salesforce Einstein cloud to implement solutions for Salesforce users.

Major applications of it which Mirketa has been implementing on are:

1. Sales forecast
2. Regression
3. Predictive analytics
4. Data modelling
5. Optimal price calculation
6. Personalised customer service
7. Risk Analytics
8. Healthcare analytics

Salesforce Community Cloud:

Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is an online social platform for companies to create branded sites connecting customers, employees, and partners with each other. By streamlining your key business operations and extending them across departments and offices, everyone who is part of your business ecosystem can execute his or her work in real time, support customers more effectively, and close deals faster.

If your company is looking for the following application, reach out to the right implementation partner Mirketa:

1. Community Creation
2. Community Experience
3. Personalised stories with the users
4. E-commerce
5. Data Sharing
6. Dashboards and Reports
7. Branded community
8. Knowledge base and QA
9. Community Management
10. Chatter Experience

MuleSoft Implementation:

Mulesoft Implementation

Mirketa has an extensive experience in the solutions and integration domain, we can provide your organization with application development, management, support, and analytics. We are remarkably able to assist you with creating agile business solutions to integrate your systems using MuleSoft’s on-prem, cloud, or hybrid solutions. Mirketa’s MuleSoft specialists can implement API-led Connectivity and manage APIs using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform.


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