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Salesforce Summer 23 Release Highlights for Flow Builder

By |2023-05-25T11:34:03+00:00May 25th, 2023|

The Salesforce Summer’23 was released in few sandboxes on May 6th weekend. Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Notes are available at this URL — Summer’23 Release Notes. You can also signup for a Summer’23 pre-release org here

This release is loaded with updates to Flow Builder with the following features to be available.

GET HTTP Callouts are GA now.

HTTP GET Callouts are generally available starting Summer’23. This will allow to do GET callouts without any Apex code. Flow Builder generates a reusable callout action that you can use right away in Flow Builder and across Salesforce.
This creates an External Service behind the scenes which are then invoked from flow.

This was a Beta service in last release and is generally available now.

Summer Release Note

POST HTTP Callouts (Beta)

Now you can POST data from Salesforce to a 3rd party endpoint using Flow builder. This feature is a Beta service. Provide a sample request JSON and response JSON.

Summer'23 Release Notes.

Summer'23 Release Notes Salesforce

Data Table has a search bar now

The Data Table component in the Flow Builder has search support now. Click on “Show search bar”. The search returns the first 1,500 items. Initially, 200 records were display. As you scroll through the results, additional records load progressively in groups of 100. The search results also show the number of items displayed and the total number of items found. If there are multiple columns in the table search tries to find a match through each column.

Summer 23 Release Notes

Build Screens with Reactive Components (Beta)

Configure supported standard screen components or your custom Lightning web components to react to changes in other Flow Screen components on the same screen. Previously, components on the same screen couldn’t talk to each other. If you needed one component to influence another, you placed them on separate screens.

Enable Reactive components by going to Process Automation settings and selecting “Opt into Reactive Screens Beta”. Then add components to your screen, upgrade your flow to Runtime API Version 57.0, and save and run the flow as usual.

Summer 23' Release Notes

Use Email Templates & Log Emails Sent with the Send Email Action

Now the emails sent from with Send Email Flow action can be logged to record’s activity timeline. Emails can be logged to a recipient record, which includes leads, contacts, and person accounts. You can also log an email to a non-recipient record, like an account or opportunity. Or you can log an email to both. Earlier, emails sent using the Send Email action couldn’t be logged as activities.

Also, we can start using email templates in Send Email action. Both lightning and classic email templates can be used. If your email template has merge fields, you can use the recipient record or a related record to populate the merge fields. Or you can use both. Previously, you couldn’t use email templates in the Send Email action.

Salesforce Release Notes


These are some of my favourite flow features from Summer’23 release. There are a lot of other flow features like Choice Lookup(GA), Data cloud objects available for Get Records, security center objects can be used in flows etc. You can read more about these features here:

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