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Salesforce Service

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Salesforce service cloud

Salesforce created the platform for customer care and support called Service Cloud. By handling and addressing client inquiries via numerous channels, such as phone, email, chat, and social media, it enables organisations to provide great customer experiences. Case management, a knowledge base, and AI-driven support are just a few of the tools that the Service Cloud offers to help businesses provide individualised and effective customer service and create enduring customer loyalty.

Salesforce service cloud provides a number of unique features to its users that help to improve customer service and engagement, including:

  • Track and manage customer concerns, questions, and service requests effectively in a centralised system to guarantee prompt resolution and satisfied customers.
  • Enable agents to respond to consumers from a single interface by seamlessly integrating numerous communication channels (phone, email, chat, social media, etc.) into a unified platform.
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive database of articles, frequently asked questions, and how-to manuals to give clients more self-service alternatives and lessen the need for agent intervention.
  • Use Salesforce Einstein AI’s artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate repetitive processes, make wise recommendations, and assign cases to the most qualified employees.
  • Enable web-based live chat help in real-time to provide clients with prompt answers and individualised assistance while they browse your website.
  • keeping an eye on and interacting with customers on social media platforms to assist businesses in responding to questions and resolving issues brought up on these platforms.
  • Utilise logical dashboards and reports to access thorough insights into service performance, customer satisfaction, and agent productivity.
  • Establish and implement SLAs to guarantee prompt response and resolution of client issues, allowing organisations to fulfil service commitments.

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  • Mirketa is a dependable for establishing and supporting Service Cloud to optimise your customer service operations due to their breadth of knowledge, Salesforce relationship, specialised solutions, and dedication to customer happiness.

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Why Choose Mirketa?

  • Vast Experience: Mirketa has over ten years of experience in the IT consulting field. They have the knowledge and skills to meet your service needs thanks to their experience developing and supporting Service Cloud solutions.
  • Salesforce Partnership: Mirketa has a tight relationship with Salesforce as a consulting company with experience in their technology. This implies that they have access to Salesforce’s most recent upgrades, training, and resources, which they can use to provide the finest solutions for your company.
  • Customised Solutions: The Mirketa team can work directly with your company to comprehend your specific needs. We can modify the Service Cloud deployment to meet your business’s procedures and goals, guaranteeing a solution that fully satisfies your requirements.
  • Improved Service procedures: Mirketa can evaluate your current service procedures and pinpoint areas for development. We can raise the productivity and calibre of your team’s customer service by optimising workflows, automating repetitive operations, and setting up effective case management.
  • Integration capabilities: Mirketa can combine Service Cloud with other platforms in your tech stack if you have any. By doing this, a unified view of client interactions across many touchpoints and smooth data flow are ensured.
  • Support for several channels: Service Cloud enables the delivery of customer care over a number of platforms, including phone, chat, email, and social media. Your team will be able to offer consumers prompt and reliable assistance with the aid of Mirketa’s expertise in setting up and optimising multi-channel support.
  • Focus on Customer Satisfaction: Mirketa places a strong emphasis on helping organisations evolve, and their high rate of repeat business demonstrates their dedication to this goal. By selecting Mirketa, you join a business that places an emphasis on your success and seeks to add value throughout the project.

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