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Salesforce Service Cloud Console- Enable Guide

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In this blog, I will be sharing the salesforce service cloud console- How to Enable Guide .

Salesforce service cloud console is designed to boost productivity for users in fast-paced environments.

Available in: Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with the Service Cloud
Available in: Performance and Developer Editions with the Sales Cloud
Available in: Enterprise and Unlimited Editions with the Sales Cloud for an additional cost

Salesforce Service Cloud by Mirketa

The salesforce service console, dashboard-like interface reduces clicking and scrolling so that you can quickly find, update, or create records. Using a console  one can easily access data and features you use most. For example, support agents can use multiple applications at once and keep the context of cases as priorities change. Sales reps can immediately contact leads, assess companies, identify key contacts, and access sales intelligence. Your customer support team is allowed to be more active with salesforce service cloud .

The consoles tab-based interface makes it easy for you to see records and their related items together on one screen, as well as work on multiple items simultaneously.
You can find further details in the under mentioned link.

Let’s begin with enabling,

A Step by Step Guide to Enable Service Cloud in Salesforce.

Step 1:
In your Salesforce, go to account page layout and go under highlighting panel.

mirketa service cloud console account layout

Step 2: Click on the setting icon of highlighted portion a pop up will appear and select field for highlight panel and then click OK.

mirketa service cloud console highlight panel

Step 3:Click on the layout property on the top of account layout a popup will appear fill page layout name and click on the highlighting check box, then click the OK button and save this layout.

mirketa service cloud console layout

Step 4:From step 4 we will create new app with enabled service cloud for this follow some simple steps Go to Setup Build Create Apps and click on the New button to create new App.

mirketa service cloud console create app

Step 5:For type of Custom App click on console check box as it will enable service cloud.

mirketa service cloud console select console

Step 6:Fill App Label and App Name and click on next.

mirketa service cloud console app name

Step 7:Choose the logo for App and click on next.

mirketa service cloud console image

Step 8:Select the tabs you require in your App and click on next.

mirketa service cloud console tab

Step 9:In this step you will give preference to the tab that which should be primary one and which should be subtab and then click on next.

mirketa service cloud console subtab

Step 10:Select the profiles who can access this app and then click on save.

mirketa service cloud console profile

Step 11:Now Again edit this Service Cloud app, in the choose list placement block, Select pinned to left. List are always visible and set its width to 40 percent and click on save.

mirketa service cloud console align

Step 12:You can open this console by clicking Service Cloud App in the top right of your Salesforce application.

mirketa service cloud console selectApp

Desired Output: This is how the App will look like.

mirketa service cloud console consoleapp

That’s pretty much it. Easy isn’t it!
So these were the basics of the salesforce service cloud console- How to Enable Guide, but there are lot more questions like, benefits of using salesforce service cloud, how do I use salesforce service cloud ?, what is the difference between salesforce service cloud and sales cloud?, What is the license cost for salesforce service cloud?

How to implement etc.
Please feel free to reach out to me or reach us via for all your queries.

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