A Human Centric Approach to Marketing Automation!

We develop comprehensive customer centric marketing automation solutions that helps you know and serve your customer better via SalesforceTM Marketing CloudTM, HubSpotTM and PardotTM.

Comprehensive Marketing Automation Services

Marketing Automation is vital for marketing strategies. Marketing automation can help all sorts of of businesses to increase their competence and customer relationship. Salesforce Marketing automation is all about knowing your customer, tracking their activities through the lifecycle on web and social platforms and providing the relevant interactions and offers on the most appropriate channels. We help you knowing how your customers are engaging, responding to the campaigns.

Mirketa, a salesforce silver consulting partner company specializes in the configuration and customization of the following Salesforce marketing automation tools:

  • Marketing Cloud (Exact Target)TM
  • PardotTM
  • HubSpotTM

Mirketa’s Marketing Automation services are unparalled and gives you enough time and flexibility to focus on your business. Salesforce Marketing Automation helps in generating leads, tracking, converting, increasing revenues. It also improves sales and day to day workloads. The perk of marketing automation is to provide the customers better involvement and exposure. Marketers can refocus from doing same monotonous task and help the brands to maximize their profits, leading brands in the market take complete advantages from it. It makes the team more accountable. Allows them better reporting, tracking daily and improve overall results.

Scope of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation typically means that the following are in place:

  • Integrated view of the customer across different social channels
  • Tracking of customer activities on web properties and social platforms
  • Comprehensive Customer Journey laid out highlighting various events-based interaction options
  • Email automation
  • Marketing Campaign management and tracking
  • Integration with internal and external system

Email automation is the one of the prominent channels for marketing your business because these automatic emails are timely, personalized and easily available to the user. Now different brands can connect with their potential customers from small size business to big size business across different channels and Mirketa’s Marketing Automation services helps you justify your investments. Marketing automation potentially influences Campaigns and generates leads by enhancing and tracking buyers or users’ decisions.

Gain from our experience with HubSpotTM, Marketing CloudTM and PardotTM for Marketing Automation

Our qualified and seasoned Marketing Automation consultants provide the most customized solutions and approach to implement Marketing Automation solutions which also consider the size of the business, domain, regulatory environment, customer types and the best practices in the industry to extract maximum value from the rollout.

  • A proven Marketing Automation methodology that starts with end to end solution blue print highlighting the automation and standardization
  • Customer segmentation based on customer and product attributes
  • Creation of Customer Journeys and mapping of interactions and offerings
  • Omni Channel Personalized Experience (relevant products and messages)
  • Messaging automation across social channels and emails
  • Intelligent email templates
  • Marketing Analytics Solutions – relevant statistical models
  • Integration with internal and external systems
  • Capabilities for custom development
  • Salesforce® Systems Admin Training

Mirketa’s salesforce marketing tools will promote your business and increase your audience by Campaigning in different social media channels that helps you to reach your ideal customer. Through Mirketa’s Salesforce cloud Configuration you can create any automation for any situation, or you can leverage our wide range of Salesforce marketing automation services and meet different needs of your business.

    Why Us?
  • Experienced: Over the last eleven years we have efficiently managed over 300 solution engagements while transforming businesses through better analytics, organizational process changes, and cloud CRM solutions.
  • Consistent: Our Salesforce® Certified professionals are trusted and recommended by our clients. Over 80% of our business comes from our existing customers.
  • Creative: We challenge our own thinking and come up with creative solutions that meet our customers' requirements.
  • Adaptable: We understand that each company has its unique needs and constraints. So we provide flexible options to structure their working engagement with us.
  • Affordable: We combine onshore-offshore delivery to reduce delivery costs to let our clients enjoy quality without the overhead and bureaucracy of larger consulting companies.


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