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Quote and Subscription in Salesforce

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In today’s fast-paced world where business environment dynamics turn very quickly, any business sales team needs to remain on the ball to drive development and accomplish their revenue targets. You can enhance your sales processes and revenue streams by utilizing quotes and subscriptions in Salesforce. Your sales process can be easily incorporated using salesforce subscriptions and quotes, using these enhance capabilities of your recurring revenue models, and easy handling of data can be done. Both quotes and subscriptions in Salesforce can be customized and extended using Salesforce’s declarative tools (e.g., Process Builder, Flow) or by leveraging the Salesforce API and development tools for more advanced customization and integration with external systems.

Currently, Salesforce offers a variety of features to smooth out your sales process. Two of them are Subscriptions and Quotes, utilising these can change the way in which you deal with your sales pipeline and speed up your business achievement. In this blog entry, we’ll dig into the advantages of Subscriptions and Quotes in Salesforce and how they can revolutionize your sales process.


  • To manage recurring revenue models subscriptions in Salesforce can be used to streamline the sales process. In Salesforce you can enable subscriptions and use them for better management of your business.
  • Within Salesforce we can easily setup services and associate them with customer accounts, using salesforce automation easy handling of billing cycles, subscription renewals, amendments, reporting, and analysis can be done and to improve customer retention billing processes can be automated.
  • Using subscriptions and quotes and salesforce you can achieve better streaming of services with improved revenue tracking, also transparency in pricing leads to better customer satisfaction.

Quote and Subscription in Salesforce



  • A document highlighting pricing, products, terms and details outlined of potential sales is a Quote. In Salesforce, using quotes one can easily track the negotiation with potential deals. And as the quote is accepted, it can be converted into an opportunity.
  • You can enable quotes in Salesforce and use standard Salesforce quotes or you can also create a custom quote object and modify it as per your requirements.
  • Quotes can be used through different ways, like with Approvals in Salesforce, here easy tracking through approval stages can be done until the quote is approved or rejected, and once stage reaches to completion then further actions can be scheduled as per the business requirements in order to convert the quote.
  • Also quotes can be converted to opportunity or sync with opportunity or any other object as per requirement and also you can generate quotes PDFs as well to show the detailed descriptions of items, pricing, and terms.
  • Quotes can be used in subscriptions, amendments or recurring services also, processes can be easily setup in Salesforce to handle quote renewals, subscription up selling, or contract modifications.

Quote and Subscription in Salesforce

Why incorporate Subscriptions and Quotes into your current revenue model?

1. Consistently Integrate with Your Revenue Model:

  • Salesforce allows you to integrate with your business framework, this holistic approach gives you unified perspective of your sales pipeline and permits to acquire insights of customer behaviour, performance analysis and revenue projection.
  • Salesforce can be easily integrated with your business model, and data from two systems can be easily synced into salesforce, also back from salesforce to your business model.
  • Custom Objects can also be created to manage your subscriptions and quotes, synced data can be mapped to salesforce objects and further sales driven actions can be performed as per the business requirements.
  • Also, if your business model has multiple features and you want to replicate them into salesforce, that also can be easily done by leveraging the combination of various salesforce stacks like aura, lwc, batches, queueable, schedulable, triggers etc.

2. Improved Precision and Effectiveness:

Smoothing out your sales cycle by unifying Subscriptions and Quotes in Salesforce diminishes manual information section, limits mistakes, and streamlines work process productivity.

This empowers your sales teams to zero in on supporting client connections and shutting bargains, as opposed to authoritative undertakings.

3. Adaptability and Customisation:

  • Salesforce’s adaptable design engages you to alter the framework to meet your exceptional business needs.
  • Consistently scale your tasks, tailor work processes, and consolidate explicit revenue in the sales processes.

Why choose Mirketa?

At Mirketa, we offer a vast variety of services to streamline your subscription and quote processes inside Salesforce. Our solutions are intended with results-driven approach to smooth out your sales features and drive revenue growth. Here are a few key administrations we give:

Salesforce Implementation and Integration:

Our team of Salesforce specialists will direct you through the implementation processes, ensuring seamless integration with your Salesforce CRM. We will modify the framework to line up with your business prerequisites, empowering smooth information stream and synchronisation with your current cycles.

Subscription and Quotes Management:

We represent considerable authority in arranging and upgrading Salesforce’s membership the board usefulness. Our administrations include:

Subscription and Quotes Setup:

We help with characterizing your membership contributions, evaluating designs, and charging cycles to match your plan of action. This incorporates setting up items, valuing levels, and related rules inside Salesforce.

Automated Billing and Renewals:

We design automated charging processes, accurate invoicing, subscription renewals, and upgrades. By taking out human intervention, we limit mistakes, save time, and upgrade consumer loyalty.

Custom Development and Integration:

If your business requires additional customization or combination with different frameworks, we have the mastery to convey custom-made solutions. Our development team can make custom functionalities and integrate with third-party applications and upgrade the overall abilities of your Salesforce CRM.

In all, we have a complete set of services to help your Salesforce CRM and streamline your business process. Our ability in execution, design, automation, and training ensures that you can outfit the maximum capacity of these functionalities. Let us collaborate with us to smooth out your sales cycle, improvise customer interaction, and drive revenue growth. Reach out to us today to talk about how we can tailor our services to meet your requirements.

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