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How to choose Best Salesforce Implementation Partner?

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Choosing the right Salesforce Implementation Partner for your business is always a crucial decision for the management. Identifying the best Salesforce Implementation Partner among various options looks like an easy process but in reality, it is not. A right implementation partner can upgrade or automate your business process which turns out in more productivity at workplace, else a wonky Salesforce Implementation Practice can be disastrous for a long-running business.

I have written some tips in this blog to identify the best Salesforce Implementation Partner that can drive your businesses. After going through the blog, you will be able to understand the factors that everyone should keep in mind while choosing a Salesforce Implementation Partner.

Following are some tips to choose Right Salesforce Implementation Partner:

Salesforce Implementation Partners

1. Relevant Industry Experience

Find out the partner who has industry experience. Ideally, you can consider the more experienced partner that has the more capability to solve more complex problems. This will ensure that they can provide enhanced or customizable solutions as per the requirements whenever it is needed in the future project.

Even you can ask them to share the case studies, whitepapers to get an overview of the nature of the project they had handled

2. Ensure Partner’s Vision and Mission are like yours

Read your Salesforce Partner’s vision and mission statement. As these statements guide “how their work culture is, how they solve complex problem, how they communicate, and so on… “. It should be important for any organization that your mission and vision are like partner’s vision and mission.

Also, read client’s reviews, research involvement in the community, and ask questions for a better understanding.

3. Sufficient team size and roles

It is important for you to ask your salesforce implementation partner whether they have sufficient team size. If they are handling too many projects with limited staff, then your project will suffer in the quality of the implementation or they may not be able to deliver the projects before the timeline.

It is a good practice to ask about the team size and their roles and responsibility in the initial discussion.

4. Salesforce Certification

Salesforce has a strong certification program that offers credentials for Administrators, Developers, Consultants, and Marketers. It is a great way to check out whether the individual and founders are up to date on the most recent release or have the necessary certificate to work on your projects.

The level of certification makes a big difference in Salesforce Implementation for the organization in terms of knowledge and skills. You should choose that partner who has at least a Silver Consulting Certificate.

5. Continuous Support

Another important aspect that should be on your checklist is support. Salesforce is continuously evolving and updates three times a year (summer, spring, and winter), so staying up to date is vital. Therefore, you need a partner who is ready for continuous support. Look for a partner who is available 24×7 which can be on-site, off-site, onshore, or offshore.

6. Implementation Strategy Approach

A good Salesforce Implementation Partner will discuss all the implementation approach in the initial discussion. You will get details notes of the project work cycle, development methodology, engagement models in terms of price, and time, and consultancy and delivery services.

Choose the right Salesforce Implementation Partner to increase productivity at workplace.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can easily figure out the best salesforce implementation partner in 2021 to drive your business forward. These tips will allow you to stay one step ahead from your competitors.

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