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How to become a Salesforce Developer?

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Salesforce is the world’s number 1 CRM platform. Their platform is designed to drive businesses and understand customer’s needs.  A study says salesforce technology is going to generate 3.3 million job opportunities by the end of 2022. There are thousands of companies that rely on Salesforce CRM platform to drive their business forward. It’s good news for those who want to become a Salesforce Developer. And if you are unsure or uncertain about “Who is Salesforce Developer, what are the roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer and How to become Salesforce Developer” then this article will discuss the tips to become a Salesforce Developer. 

Who is Salesforce Developer?

A Salesforce Developer is a Programmer which is hired by a client or partner consultant (they don’t work for Salesforce) to build Salesforce application. The career path of a salesforce developer consists of three stages:

1. Junior Level
2. Middle Level
3. Senior Level

A Senior Salesforce Developer will become a salesforce architect or a salesforce consultant. A Salesforce Architect has good knowledge of salesforce products and development tools. It is the highest point of the Salesforce developer’s technical growth whereas a Salesforce Consultant plays like an intermediate role between the client and the technical team.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer?

1. Collect project requirements from the client, team members, and stakeholders.
2. Design Salesforce solution and feature that will meet the project requirements.
3. Create custom reports and dashboards.
4. Modify and write programming code.
5. Test the programming code and find out the bugs to improve the code.
6. Integrate Salesforce with other platforms or social media platforms as per the project requirement.
7. Think out-of-the box to solve complex businesses process.
8. Deploy the code in live environment.

How much does a Salesforce Developer make?

According to Glassdoor, the salary of a Salesforce Developer in India is divided into three slabs ie; Low, Average, and High. A Fresher Salesforce Developer earns an average of 300k, one to two years experience developers earn an average of 511k, and a three to five year experience candidate can earn an average of 1,043k or more than that. Apparently the salary structure of salesforce developers depends on other various factors like location, experience, expertise, analytical skills, and so on.

How to become a Salesforce Developer?

As I mentioned in the first para thousands of companies rely on Salesforce to drive their business which reflects there are lot of opportunities already in the market and many more to come in the future. It would not be wrong to say that it is a good career option. And if you are unsure on how to become a salesforce developer then here I’m sharing some tips to become a Salesforce Developer.

Tips to Become Salesforce Developer: 

how to become a salesforce developer

1. Education:

To become a Salesforce Developer, you must complete your graduation in software engineering, computer engineering, and other related fields. Without proper formal education, it would be challenging for anyone to become a Salesforce Developer. Do some projects and internships during this time to learn practical knowledge as much as you can.

2. Online Courses on Salesforce:

Internet is a great source of gathering information hence you can take the help of the internet to enroll yourself in online courses. There are N numbers of paid or free courses that are available on internet that guide you in the right direction. These courses are really very helpful to learn something new about salesforce.

Even you can go to the Salesforce official Trailblazer Community or use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter where you can learn and get advice from the professionals.

3. Soft Skills:

There are certain skills that a good Salesforce Developer should have:

  • Analytical Skills: A Salesforce Developer must have analytical skills so that he can analyze the client’s requirements and deliver such solution that fulfills the client’s requirements.
  • Communication Skills: To express thoughts and understand the client’s requirement a salesforce developer must have good communication skills so that the team members have a clear idea of what to do.
  • Decision Making Skills: While implementing client requirements you would have to face bugs so a salesforce developer must be in good decision- making state. This skill will allow him to decide what would be the best solution to fix the bug. It would save time and you will become more productive for your team members.

4. Salesforce Certifications:

Salesforce Certification is a great way to keep up-to-date on the most recent salesforce. It becomes a real asset for those who don’t have any experience. Before applying to any organization you should at least clear the PD 1 certification exam. This would reflect you are up-to-date on the Salesforce most release. Certified Salesforce professionals earn more in comparison to those who are not salesforce certified. Salesforce Certification program transform your career and pave the way to increased responsibilities and promotions.

Salesforce has a strong certification program that offers credentials for Salesforce Administrator, App Builder, Architect, Consultant, Developer, and Specialists.

Here is the updated list of Salesforce Certification:

tips to become salesforce developer

The Salesforce Developer is a good career option. There are number of jobs in the market that await you. Try suggested tips to become a Salesforce Developer from the very beginning of your career. This is definitely a good news for those who want to become salesforce professionals as their skills are on high demand all over the world.

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