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4 Key Features of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

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Salesforce manufacturing cloud has been a buzzword in the manufacturing industry market since the CRM giant Salesforce launched the manufacturing cloud. Salesforce has set out to address challenges and satisfy the specific needs of manufacturers all around the world by providing a platform that allows sales and operational teams to collaborate more effectively through solutions like Sales Agreement, Account-Based Forecasting, Community Cloud, Einstein Analytics, and Rebate Management. Salesforce manufacturing cloud is critical for enhancing team collaboration, efficiency, and transparency. As the features list promises 360° functionality coverage for the manufacturing industry requirements, let’s dig more into details on the scope of these functionalities.

Sales Agreements

The Sales agreement feature helps both manufacturer and buyer to keep the negotiated terms organized and get the most recent updates on the same. All the required aspects related to product details, quantities, pricing, schedule, and delivery that both parties have agreed upon are covered in this agreement. Along with these details, the responsibilities, compliance rules, variations, and uncertainties in demands and supplies are also included. This agreement helps to keep both the parties aligned and updated on the requirements and responsibilities of roles to be played in this process. With the structured format of data management in the Sales Agreement, one can avoid confusion through the spreadsheets and tracking of old data. The sales agreement object also manages the lifecycle by monitoring parameters such as projected sales, actual volumes, current order status, prices, and discounts. The sales agreement helps in the alignment of the sales and operations teams by providing up-to-date data and order uniformity.

Salesforce for Manufacturing

Account-Based Forecasting

In addition to the Sales Agreement, the Salesforce manufacturing cloud has enabled better forecasting with customization. With this functionality, all departments can work together to provide more accurate forecasting that includes opportunity and sales agreements. Teams will have more transparency and flexibility with the single source of truth for all the updated information on forecasting. Users with account access can take into account a variety of elements that influence forecasting in order to deliver accurate and timely forecasts. Better forecasting can help with resource planning and allocation by taking into account dynamic changes in demand and market needs. The formula builder can be helpful to define the forecast algorithm, which will take the different factors influencing forecasting into consideration. The formula builder gives the flexibility to customize the forecast algorithm as per the business requirement.

Salesforce Manufacturing

Community Cloud for Manufacturing

Community cloud provides a platform to interact and collaborate with all stakeholders of a business. One may establish transparent digital cooperation with their customers and channel partners using the community cloud, boosting real-time visibility and speeding up planning. In traditional processes, as most of the time is spent in clearing out the doubts, tracking the client communication, back-and-forth of the information and documentation updates, collaboration through the community cloud can help improve productivity and convert the deals. Community cloud can be useful for keeping track of all conversations a customer or channel partner has had with the company, reducing the need for documentation and storage. For example, an organization can interact about the sales agreement with the client on the community cloud to exchange ideas and keep track of the conversations. With the real-time update in the Sales agreement document on the community cloud, everyone can get the latest updates available anytime.

Community Cloud for Manufacturing

Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing

It is necessary to have critical insights into business operations in order to make an informed decision. Einstein Analytics is a completely customized platform that can be used to gain insight into Sales Agreements, product performance, and pricing. With Einstein Analytics, businesses can keep track of their accounts, their income contributions, monthly forecasts, and a comparative analysis of anticipated and actual sales. Einstein analytics can be helpful for reviewing an individual’s or team’s performance by using target dashboards against the revenue targets. These performance results can be beneficial to take further actions on planning and strategizing future activities. Data can also be customized for sales managers to get insights on the data belonging to the users below their hierarchy level within minutes. Einstein Analytics can work as a one-stop solution for all the data analysis required for business.

Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing


The Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud has ensured the full fledge functionality for manufacturing industries through offered features. From the start of the agreement to getting insights and collaborating on community, Salesforce manufacturing cloud has included everything that a manufacturing industry needs. Sales agreement covers every negotiated detail in a structured manner and ensures alignment of manufacturer and buyer. The manufacturing cloud has increased cross-team communication and forecasting accuracy using account-based forecasting. The community cloud for manufacturing, where one can collaborate with customers and channel partners for innovative ideas and suggestions, has the potential to improve process efficiency by generating valuable insights, and the cherry on top will be Einstein Analytics’ ability to generate valuable insights. With all the offered features, the manufacturing industry can improve its sales and operations alignment, functional and operational efficiency, and collaboration with a one-stop solution for all the requirements.

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