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Setting Up Einstein Conversation Insight

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In today’s competitive landscape, understanding customer interactions and harnessing insights from sales conversations are pivotal for driving business success. Salesforce, introduces Einstein Conversation Insights, a revolutionary feature embedded within Salesforce Sales Engagement. This is a cutting-edge conversational intelligence feature designed to extract valuable insights from sales conversations between representatives and customers. Unlike traditional call recording solutions, Einstein Conversation Insights doesn’t merely store conversations; it leverages advanced AI algorithms to transcribe, analyze, and surface key moments from these pre-recorded conversations. By identifying crucial topics such as competitor mentions, product discussions, and custom-defined keywords, this feature offers a comprehensive view of customer engagements.

ECI is available in Performance and Unlimited edition of salesforce and for an additional cost in Enterprise edition as well.

Uses of Einstein Conversation Insights

The applications of Einstein Conversation Insights span across various facets of sales management and strategy, including:

Coaching for Performance: Sales managers leverage insights from Einstein Conversation Insights to coach representatives for maximum performance. By identifying moments of success and areas for improvement, managers personalize coaching conversations and drive continuous skill enhancement.

Enabling Best Practices: Einstein Conversation Insights facilitates the dissemination of best practices at scale. Sales teams accelerate onboarding, enablement, and ongoing success by sharing business insights derived from conversations, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Unlocking Market Insights: By analyzing conversation trends and customer interactions, organizations gain valuable market insights. Sales strategies are refined based on identified trends, empowering teams to anticipate customer needs, address concerns, and seize opportunities effectively.

Steps to Enable Conversation Insights

Enabling Einstein Conversation Insights is a streamlined process that involves collaboration between sales managers, stakeholders, and Salesforce administrators:

ECI Requires:

  • Performance & Unlimited Editions compatiblePerformance & Unlimited Editions compatible
  • Enterprise Edition also compatible for an additional cost

At first, the admin needs to open the salesforce setup and search of Einstein Conversation Insight from the quick find box.

Now, click on the Enable ECI button on the screen.

Once enabled multiple toggle option would appear on the screen to set up ECI.

As a mandatory step we need to

Define Keywords: Sales managers collaborate with administrators to define keywords related to competitors, products, and custom mentions. These keywords serve as triggers for insight detection during conversation analysis.

It simplifies the process by focussing attention on 3 key areas for every conversation:

  1. Product: understanding how your product is spoken about Product: understanding how your product is spoken about
  2. Competitor: Understanding how competitors are mentioned in the conversation and how many times
  3. Custom mention: It includes mentions of how sellers are blocking and tackling situational topics (that is, market fluctuations, promotional-campaign–related keywords, and so on), objections (for example, timing, authority), identifying customer needs and how they are being handled, pricing and payments, or anything else.

Collect Conversations: Salesforce Sales Engagement consolidates sales conversations within the CRM platform, facilitating centralized access to call recordings. Existing call recordings can be seamlessly integrated into Salesforce for comprehensive data aggregation.

Process Recordings: The AI-driven system processes recorded conversations for transcription and insight detection, sifting through conversations to extract relevant insights based on predefined keywords.

Analyse Transcriptions: Using AI algorithms, Einstein Conversation Insights analyses transcriptions to identify key moments and topics discussed during sales conversations. Currently optimized for the North American accent, the system ensures accurate insight detection.

Surface Insights: Post-analysis, Einstein Conversation Insights surfaces relevant call recordings and insights through intuitive dashboard views. Administrators configure feature permissions to grant access to insights and recordings, empowering sales teams with actionable intelligence.

Integrating Salesforce with Voice Recording Provider

Establishing integration between Salesforce and a Voice Recording Provider tool is pivotal for unlocking the complete potential of Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI) for your sales team. Before exploring ECI capabilities, it’s crucial to ensure a smooth setup between Salesforce and the Call Recording Tool’s CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) system.

To kickstart the integration process, adhere to these steps within your Salesforce Org:

  • Accessing Einstein Conversation Insights Settings:

Access your Salesforce Org and access Setup by clicking on the Settings/cog icon at the top-right corner. Within the Setup menu, utilize the Quick Find box positioned on the left side of the screen to search for “Einstein Conversation Insights.”

Choose General Settings and enable ECI by selecting the blue “Enable ECI” button.

  • Configuring Conversation Insights:

After enabling ECI, you will encounter a dashboard featuring various toggle options. Before moving forward, verify the readiness indicator appears, as associated dashboards might require some time to become accessible. Essential configurations entail linking a voice recording provider and allocating Conversation Insights Permission Sets to users who need ECI access.

  • Exploring Additional Settings:

Explore other options available on the settings screen, such as connecting a video recording provider or enabling optimal speaker separation for improved call breakdown. Consider turning on features like Opportunity Matching, Insight Reports.

  • Set Up Call Insights

Highly suggested for use, one of ECI’s primary functions enables the utilization of a predefined or customized list of keywords or triggers to pinpoint areas of interest in calls. Examples include:

  • Monitoring the most frequently mentioned competitorsMonitoring the most frequently mentioned competitors
  • Tracking agent upselling activities
  • Collecting data on the most popular products of interest Upon initial loading of Call Insights, you can select “Automatic” to access various preconfigured options ready for use, which also support multiple languages.

We strongly encourage you to explore creating your own Insights in the Configurable tab, located next to Automatic.

By clicking the blue New Insight button on the right side of the screen, you will encounter several categories.

Select from three categories depending on the word you want to track and the required language, then configure the following screen to specify who the system should listen to.

  • Accessing Call Recording Tool Settings:

Configure the CTI tool to integrate with Salesforce. With ECI enabled in the Call Recording Tool, call recording files are transmitted for transcription and analysis by ECI.

Understanding ECI Call Export and Transcription: The Call Recording Tool sends recording files to Salesforce for ECI processing, facilitating transcription and analysis of sales conversations.

Keep in mind that ECI’s analysis time and insight provision within Salesforce may vary depending on call traffic and data volume. In summary, integrating Salesforce with a Call Recording Tool establishes the groundwork for harnessing Einstein Conversation Insights’ robust capabilities.

Through seamless integration, your sales team gains access to valuable insights extracted from sales conversations, enabling informed decision-making and enhancing sales performance.

What does an ECI call look like?

ECI calls are structured with a timeline showcasing participant audio and input separately, alongside call stats indicating any triggered keywords.

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