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Salesforce Winter ‘24 Release Highlights for Health Cloud

Explore the Leading Innovations in Health Cloud with Salesforce Winter ’24 Release

Salesforce is a leading CRM Platform that plays a pivotal role in addressing various business challenges for organizations worldwide. They offer a wide range of solutions designed to streamline and enhance critical aspects of business operations. Salesforce Health Cloud is a groundbreaking CRM Platform specifically designed for the Healthcare Industry to deliver high-quality healthcare services, enhance patient engagement, and ultimately transform the way healthcare is managed and delivered.

The latest enhancements in Salesforce are introduced with Salesforce releases, issued three times a year. These releases are vital for organizations as they introduce new features and improve existing ones to ensure that your businesses stay at the forefront of technological innovation.

As your Digital Transformation Partner, we have reviewed the latest Salesforce Release enhancements from Winter ‘24 Release Notes and curated a user-friendly version, tailored for the healthcare industry. Dive deep into our latest eBook, “Top 7 Salesforce Winter ‘24 Highlights in Health Cloud” to unlock the key advancements that will keep your healthcare organization ahead in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

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Some of the important enhancements covered in the eBook are:

  • Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Introduction
  • Salesforce Release Highlights for Health Cloud
    1. 1. Home Health – Verification of Home Visits
    2. 2. Behavioral Health App – 360-degree Patients View
    3. 3. Advanced Therapy Management – Custody Management
    4. 4. Crisis Support Centre Management – Digital Workspace
    5. 5. Integrated Care Management – Enhanced Assessments
    6. 6. Intelligent Sales Management – Track Sales Agreements
    7. 7. Referrals Management – Referral Request Automation

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