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Salesforce Solution Architecture | Middleware Selection | Salesforce Integration

We leverage our pre-built Salesforce Integration widgets to reduce cost and risks with Salesforce Integration projects.

Success Stories

Mirketa is a preferred Salesforce Systems Integration Partner with extensive experience in Salesforce Integration with NetSuite, QuickBooks, Oracle Apps, Zora, New Voice Media, CTI tools, apps hosted on premise and on AWS and Azure. We have built Salesforce Integration accelerators that we use to jump start Salesforce Integration Projects.

Salesforce integration services
salesforce integration consultant
salesforce integration consulting

Salesforce Integration Services

Salesforce Integration Scope, Architecture & Planning

Our Salesforce Integration Services start with defining the role of Salesforce as an
application in your enterprise technical and business ecosystem and how it needs to get
integrated with other systems for the end to end automation.

We facilitate working sessions with your business and technical teams to discover integration requirements and design Salesforce Integration solutions. The deliverables for the Discovery phase of Salesforce Integration include:

  • Salesforce Integration Business Requirements
  • Salesforce Integration Service Specs (Real time vs Batch, Jason)
  • Salesforce Integration Architecture (How the information will be shared across systems)
  • Agile Release Plan / Program Plan for Salesforce Integration project

Salesforce Implementation, Customization and Integration Services

  • Salesforce Systems Integration
    Once the Salesforce Integration Architecture is agreed upon, our develops Salesforce Systems Integration Services using our pre-built connectors. Using our distributed Agile Development process, most integration projects are done in matter of weeks.
  • iPass Comparison and Selection
    We have worked with popular integration platforms including Mulesoft, Dell Boomi and Informatica. Based on our client Salesforce Integration needs and budget we recommend the right platform their needs. In most small Salesforce Integration needs we don’t recommend direct point to point integration.

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