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Salesforce Duplicate Records Management Tools

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Data is the most valuable asset of an organization and good data quality is absolutely priceless. As evident from the analysis, bad data is one of the top reason for the failure of a CRM project as it provides you incomplete, in accurate and confusing information and thereby misleading the management into making an incorrect decision.

Duplicate data in salesforce is one of the major reason of bad data quality and it sucks the life out of an effective salesforce by clogging the organization’s work system. It hampers the efficiency, performance and of course the profitability of the organization. Rather than utilizing time in converting the new lead, the sales reps time gets wasted on working on the duplicate leads resulting in lower efficiency.

Duplicate records are inevitable in but there are easy and simple solutions available which take care of this problem. There are several tools/apps available in app exchange which can eliminate the duplicates from your database. The types of tools currently available can block the duplicate data at the entry point as well as can clean the already existing duplicate data. Also you can go for complete suite such as provided by Ring lead which covers both the aspects. Let’s talk about top 3 de-dupe tools in brief:

Dupe Catcher

Dupe Catcher enables Salesforce users to identify, block and dedupe leads, accounts, and contacts in real-time at the point-of-entry. Also for the existing duplicate records, it provides the feature for identification and merging. This is a free app and is available on app exchange.


Cloudingo is a cloud-based, deduplication and data quality application which removes duplicate data in your existing database or from imports. You can use the in-built filters or can create your own filters. It also allows manual as well as mass merge and provides you an intuitive dashboard from where you can manage the elimination of the duplicates. . This is a paid app and is available on app exchange.


This complete data quality suite removes existing duplicates and prevents the creation of new duplicates via the three main entry points: list import, web form submission and manual entry. The suite contains Duplicate Diagnostic, Duplicate Removal, and Duplicate Prevention tools. This is a paid app and is available on app exchange.

Mirketa Dupe Eliminator

Mirketa’s Dupe Eliminator is to be launched on AppExchange in Q1 2016. Dupe Eliminator is based on Mirketa experience with helping its client manage duplicate record problem. It will let the Salesforce users select the objects and write duplicate conditions to find duplicate records and let the users choose the next steps.  Write to if you are interested in knowing more about the product.

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