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Merger and Acquisition on Salesforce CRM

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Merger and Acquisition are important aspects of Business Growth. It helps to expand lines of Business and brings the transformational changes. Merger and Acquisition Module on Salesforce allows your internal M&A Division to manage their deal pipeline from initial Idea through due diligence and closure of deals.
People easily can use the Salesforce CRM cloud to implement M&A Module on top of it. In this blog, we will talk about the Functional Details and technical details of Mapping Salesforce CRM Object for M&A Module.

Functional Details and Actors of M&A

In M&A Division, below teams interact and ensure the success of Merger and Acquisitions:

  • Market Research Team: Market Research Team is responsible for figuring out the prospects and their current market value. They do the initial investigations and screening. Making the first contact and collecting the information about the prospect is one of their prime responsibility.
  • Deal Team: Deal Team works in the Leadership of Deal PM. The deal PM is supported by below members who are representative of their Own Department.
  1. Customer Diligence Team: Customer Diligence Team provides a company’s insight into what they are planning to purchase. They ensure that they are accumulating sufficient information to validate the proposed valuation. They are responsible for justifying the business reasons for consummating the deal.
  2. HR Diligence Team: HR Diligence team is responsible for identifying the HR Issues that effect Cost. They ensure the right positions are retained or created while restructuring. Protection of employment and Transfer of Undertaking is key items for the HR Diligence Team.
  3. Legal/IP Diligence Team: They are responsible for collecting, understanding, and assessing all the legal risks associated during the whole process. They review all the documents pertaining to a target company and interview people associated with it.
  4. Financial Diligence Team: Financial Due Diligence is conducted to support deal decision making, negotiating, and post-announcement planning and execution.
  5. CXO’s Team: CEO, CTO, and Board of Directors or Chairman are closely involved in each step. They are the key decision-makers and take decisions based on the advice and supporting documents provided by the above teams.

Salesforce CRM Mapping for M&A Process

Prospects are Leads: Each Prospect can be mapped to Lead Object. All the information collected during prospect evaluation can be put into attachment or file Object and they can refer to a Lead. One Member of a Market Research Team can act as an Owner for Lead and he/she collects all the information associated with it. All the initial conversations say Email or Phone with the party can be captured as Tasks and they can be associated to a Lead.

Finalized Prospects are Opportunity: Once the prospects are approved by the Deal PM and CXO’s, they can be moved to Opportunity Object. The Deal PM can be the Owner of that Opportunity and then he can coin the multiple Subtasks for each Due Diligence Team Member. Due Diligence Team is the owner of each subtask.

Merged Entities are Account: As soon as, the Deal is completed and the actual merger happens, the merged company is now a new Business Unit. They can be saved in Account and a Separate Business Unit can be mentioned there.

Actors of M&A can be mapped to different Roles and Profiles: All the Actors of M&A can be mapped to Salesforce Roles and Profiles. The Record Level Access and Data Visibility access to Different actors can be managed by Salesforce Roles. Deal PM is the Top of the Hierarchy of Roles. Profiles’ access to each role can govern the Object level permission for each actor.

Approval Workflow Processes for Approvals of various Actors: All the Approval seeking can be implemented using the Approval Workflow Processes. The Actors will be receiving the approval related emails in their mailbox and they can approve it by logging in to either SFDC System or Email. The Email Template for each actor can be configured differently.

Documents and Contracts are Salesforce Files: All the deal-related documents and Contracts can be attached to files. The Salesforce File Version maintenance is automatically applied to all the documents saved in Salesforce.

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