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Introduction to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

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Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

With the unparalleled solutions to resolve the business problems in the fields of Sales, Services, Commerce, Education, and Health cloud, Salesforce has moved its way towards solution building for Non-profit organizations through Fundraising, Marketing & Engagement, Program Management, and Grantmaking. Nonprofit Cloud assists you in combining fundraising, marketing, programs, and leadership by providing everyone with a unified view of your organization, supporters, and data. The foundation of the Nonprofit Cloud is Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to serve as a centralized repository for all of your constituent data. This allows your teams to become acquainted with each donation engaged on their terms in order to provide outstanding experiences.

Need of the Non-Profit Cloud

Over 80% of the respondents surveyed for the Nonprofit Trend Report have stated that they rely on technology rather than individuals to manage their organization. Nonetheless, just about a third of respondents claimed they could utilize data to solve program design, fundraising, marketing, and internal operations challenges. Having all of your fundraising, grant-making, and program data in one location may assist you in bridging that gap. Nonprofit Cloud is a comprehensive set of nonprofit technology solutions designed to connect your nonprofit with those who care about your cause. Use it to discover the insights you need to make an impact by leveraging the power of Salesforce and CRM technology to better track your supporters and programs and create new, more efficient methods to achieve your purpose.

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

Key Solutions of Non-profit Cloud

1. Fundraising
Reporting tools provide simple dashboards, Einstein for Nonprofits leverages artificial intelligence forecasts, and the Accounting Sub ledger integrates fundraising and accounting data. Nonprofit Cloud Fundraising Solutions makes it easier to track and sustain constituent interactions than ever before. One can segment the contributors and automate a move management approach based on the parameters. Nonprofit Cloud allows you to check paid and pledged donations in real-time from any device. A digital-first strategy enables you to connect with your people wherever they are with tailored communications across platforms, allowing you to raise more funds in less time and at a lower cost.

2. Marketing & Engagement
Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits is marketing technology designed specifically to assist organizations in providing meaningful, scalable experiences to their communities. It fully interacts with Nonprofit Cloud data, allowing you to engage supporters through beautiful, targeted email campaigns. With Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits and Account Engagement, strong relationships can be formed with supporters through intelligent, integrated journeys spanning email, mobile, and advertising. Nonprofits may use Marketing Cloud Personalization to visualize, track, and manage interactions across any device and then take action in real-time. Create deeper experiences that go above and beyond the expectations of your supporters.

3. Program Management
Nonprofit Cloud enables organizations to measure and manage their programs more efficiently. Program managers can better understand which activities or interventions are most successful, alter services to better meet the requirements of program participants, and establish and construct new programs more quickly. Better program administration tools than paper and spreadsheets are required for nonprofit professionals, the people they serve, and the donors who support their work.

Managing complex programs and one-of-a-kind services is difficult, especially when kept on paper or in spreadsheets. Program Management Module is a free and open-source nonprofit program management solution that works with the Nonprofit Success Pack to enable nonprofits to manage a wide range of programs and services, regardless of complexity.

4. Grant Management
The appropriate grant-making technology can help communities get the investments they need to create resilience in an ever-changing environment. Nonprofit Cloud helps grant-makers manage their complete philanthropic giving portfolio by providing tools for grant management, communications, and engagement. Grant-makers can use Social Studio to gain a pulse on what’s hot in the social sector and use it to inform their grantmaking portfolio. Personalized interactions with Pardot ensure that prospective, existing, and past grantees receive the information they require when they require it automated so that employees do not have to press send on every email.

Grant tracking takes time for both grant-makers and grantees. Grant-makers use Salesforce Grants Management to deliver funding programs and expedite their community contributions. Grant-makers make it simple for grantees to interact with them by providing a customized Grantee Portal that can be set up in about fifteen minutes. Grantees can identify and apply for money, report on outcomes, and check payout schedules from anywhere, at any time.

Non-profit Operations

The Non-profit cloud can manage all forms of nonprofit data, both within and outside of Salesforce. A robust collection of goods can be connected to external nonprofit database systems to ensure data connectivity. Apps and data can be integrated more efficiently with Mulesoft Anypoint’s pre-built REST API and template collection. With the Mulesoft Composer, systems can be securely interconnected with a few clicks, and connected experiences can be generated without any code. With the Nonprofit Success Pack, you can evaluate your data using pre-built reports and dashboard layouts. CRM Analytics allows you to identify opportunities, anticipate results, and receive suggestions within your CRM. Tableau, the world’s most adaptable self-service analytics tool, can help you understand, see, and act on your nonprofit data. Slack can help you transform the way you operate from anywhere by bringing your team members – and their preferred tools — together in one digital office. Put data at the center of every conversation by consolidating information from numerous sources to facilitate speedier collaboration and decision-making.

Mirketa assures you full-fledged feature capabilities and can get you the best out of the non-profit cloud with all the required customization.


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