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How to optimize your Salesforce Appexchange Listing?

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It’s no secret having a powerful product has more chances to rank on salesforce appexchange. But nowadays having a powerful product is not enough for you to rank. Product Positioning and Marketing in the right place, in front of right audience, is an important factor for marketers to win the game. No matter how big or small your organization is, your listing is always fully optimized and updated. And if you are unsure or uncertain how to optimize it then think of it like Search Engine Optimization. Appexchange treats your listing like websites, and it’s algorithm which ranks your listing on keywords, title, description, traffic, product reviews, content, and many more.

tips to optimize salesforce appexchange listing

Identifying strong optimization strategy on appexchange looks like an easy process but in reality, it is not. You need a technical expert who has a clear understanding of optimization strategy which may help the team, else a wonky optimization strategy can be disastrous for your ranking. Here I would share 12 tips to improve your ranking on salesforce appexchange.

12 Tips to rank your listing on Appexchange

 1. Keyword Research:

Keywords are the words or phrases that give you business. While keywords research you should have a clear picture in your mind on what keywords you want to rank.

You have to select only those keywords that have high search volume(number of searches per month) but low competition level. Identifying and Implementing quality keywords makes a huge difference in your ranking and allow you to stay one step forward from your competitors.

2. Optimized Title:

The title is the first stage of interaction between your listing and prospects. So always keep in mind that your Title should be simple and short. Additionally, you can also include your brand name and targeted keywords in title but it must be convincing someone to click on your listing.

3. Tagline:

You can add your targeted keywords in Tagline and make it simple and clear to attract prospects. Here you can also mention your key selling point and values of the product.

4. Description:

Description writing is an essential element to grab the attention of prospects. You can also include some call-to-action buttons in your content which would be very helpful to convert a prospect into a real customer. So, always make engaging content rather than story writing.

Important: Don’t forget to include your targeted keywords in the content. This exercise will help you to rank on salesforce appexchange. But you have to avoid keyword dilution (inadequate use of keywords) and keyword stuffing (excessive use of keywords) else that can negatively impact your ranking.

Keyword Density totally depends on your competition level so while adding keywords in your content make sure how much competition level is there on your targeted keyword.

5. Attractive Screenshots/ Videos:

Salesforce appexchange listing

Attractive visual element is a great way to hold the attention of prospects. It has the ability to improve your brand awareness and consideration.

Always make sure the screenshots and videos you want to publish on appexchange must be in proper dimension and high resolution. Attractive listing with screenshots and videos can make more chances to convert a prospect into a lead and also it would create a positive image of your product.

6. Reviews and Ratings:

According to Search Engine Land study, 79% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations. The same formula applies to appexchange.

Salesforce says, Nearly 80% of users check ratings before installation of a listing

tips to optimize salesforce appexchange listing

7. Call-to-Action Buttons:

Luckily salesforce provides two bold and clear call to action buttons.

1. Get It Now
2. Watch Demo

These buttons provide ways for your listing to generate leads. It converts the prospect journey into the buyer journey and directly impacts the conversion rates.

8. Case Studies:

Case study is a great way to attract your users as they include your customer success stories and influence the users to make a decision.

So always include case studies that can help users to understand the strengths and benefits of your product.

9. Whitepapers:

Whitepapers act as a guide that is designed to educate your users about the problem you’re trying to solve, the best possible solutions available, and how you can fill the gaps. Make sure whitepapers should contain facts or figures as it will influence the users to make a decision.

10. Latest Release feature:

Just below the Get It Now Green Button, you will find Latest Release. This feature is very important to convince a user into an actual customer. When anyone wants to buy or invest in any application for business, he or she always concerned if the application has been updated or not.

So, it is always important to come up with the latest release on appexchange.

11. Category:

This is really a cool feature that salesforce has. Identify and select the most relevant category for your application. This will affect your search result also and increase the chances to be at the top of search results.

12. Share Your Listing URL:

Sharing listing URL is an effective way to attract users and ultimately turn into leads. You can share your listing link to Salesforce-owned properties like Trailhead and many other sites like Quora, Medium, etc.

Provide a bunch of value in your answer, add a link that is redirected to your listing. In case of professional searching for a question, chances of redirection on quora is so high. So, share relevant answers on Quora that would help any professional in decision-making and redirected to your listing page to invest in your app.

Participate and engage in the relevant community industry is an effective way to build awareness of your listing. So, always be active in the forum groups.

Tips to remember:

You must know optimize listings on salesforce appexchange is not a one night process. So, before spending your time, or effort, you should have a clear picture on what phrases or keywords you want to rank your application and be ready with an optimization plan.

With the help of above-mentioned points, you can make an optimization plan for better visibility on appexchange. This will allow you to stay one step forward to earn better visibility. So good luck and try the suggested practices.

Some Cool applications on appexchange

We have a bunch of applications on salesforce appexchange that is fully optimized and updated. These applications would help you to drive your business forward and make you more productive than ever.

Here is the list of our applications on appexchange.

1. Elixir EHR:

We built the first Electronic/Medical Health Record System on salesforce for addiction management system. It offers 360-degree view of the patient, from the first contact to treatment process, you have all the information at one place. With the complete view of the patient healthcare providers, it has access to the right information about the patient including current information, appointments, and communication preferences.

To download the native Salesforce application for addiction treatment centres, Click here

2. Round Robin Distributor (RRD): A powerful configurable rule-based application on appexchange that makes your lead and case assignment easier than ever. RRD can manage your complex queues and resources so you can focus on the other important aspects of business.

Make a smart move and become more productive than ever. Download the app now

3. Duplicate Search and Merge (DSM): Everyone is worried about the inefficient process due to data deduplication in salesforce. So, Now it’s time to say Good-Bye to duplicate records with our Duplicate Search and Merge. DSM is a native salesforce data duplication application which helps in cleansing the duplicate data.

Become more productive with our Duplicate Search and Merge.


4. eCourier: A native salesforce application which makes scheduling and delivery reports easier in salesforce. It is a simple to use report delivery tool that lets you schedule & deliver Salesforce reports to any user, and contact external email addresses.

tips to optimize listing on appexchangeDownload the app and make a smart way to schedule custom reports.

Try the suggested applications and let us know which worked for you.

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