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How colleges and universities are using Salesforce to make the lives of their students and staff better?

By |2022-07-29T10:06:40+00:00July 29th, 2022|

Colleges were forced to heavily rely on technology for them to be able to continue functioning during Covid-19 when students were forced out of classrooms. While the pandemic might have accelerated it and in some cases even forced reluctant schools to depend on more technology, this shift however was inevitable. The current generation of students want their information and resources to be easily accessed and at the same time stay connected to the rest of their peers and their colleagues. Salesforce education cloud helps achieve exactly these results.

Salesforce education cloud

Let’s look at the different ways implementation of Salesforce education cloud can improve the experience for both the administration and students at a college:

  • Fundraising– Colleges that don’t have the most efficient marketing and fundraising technology can use salesforce to increase their fundraising. Long-term alumni and donor data are usually scattered across different places which make it tough for the team to gather that data and increases the efforts required. Salesforce can help in integrating all this information which will help the team in identifying and acting on key insights based on data. Morehouse college increased their donation from alumni up to eight times using salesforce. Other elite colleges like USC, Stanford, Purdue, and Notre Dame have also done the same.
  • Increased Productivity– Salesforce connects whole organizations and stakeholders on one platform and provides the college with easy-to-use customizable dashboards that provide stakeholders self-service access to data which directly leads to increased productivity for both admins and students. Colleges like Purdue, Yale, and Stanford have already used salesforce with very positive results.
  • Improved recruitment process– Education Cloud for recruitment and admissions allows colleges offer a more efficient and customized outreach to enroll prospective students. Salesforce provides colleges with integrated data at a dedicated place; thus the colleges can focus on enrolling the right students specific to their campus and thus making sure the right students are recruited to the college. The problems of social marketing, budget tracking, personalized messages and map their student’s journey can be solved by Salesforce Education Cloud’s exceptional marketing automation and sales automation features.
  • Improve student experience- With the increase in focus on hybrid and online learning, the student’s experience is highly affected by the technology the college makes available to them. The integrated solutions from salesforce provide colleges with actionable insights to provide their student with a personalized experience instead of relying on guesses and less dependent data.
  • Improving work environment for staff– Hybrid or online education was a big challenge to faculty and administrator and the lack of previous knowledge regarding how to handle this further increases the obstacles they faced. Salesforce provides teachers with easier way to communicate with students and keep track of their assignments, and interactions with an easily customizable and simple dashboard.

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