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Grant Management with NPSP

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In nonprofit organizations, securing grants is often vital for sustaining programs and initiatives. However, navigating the intricacies of grant management requires a systematic approach to ensure success. Fortunately, with the robust capabilities of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) on Salesforce, organizations can streamline their grant management processes for maximum efficiency and impact.


Understanding Grants in NPSP

Grants, the lifeblood of many nonprofits, are essentially donations from philanthropic organizations. In NPSP, grants are stored as Opportunity records, like donations. These grants are typically associated with specific programs and deliverables, each with its own set of reporting and documentation requirements.

Creating Grant Opportunities

To initiate a grant opportunity in NPSP, organizations can create an Opportunity record within Salesforce. This record serves as a centralized hub for managing the grant lifecycle, from prospecting to awarding. Grant records can be associated with household accounts if necessary, maintaining clarity in donor relations.

Managing Deliverables

Effective grant management entails meticulous tracking of deliverables and deadlines. In NPSP, organizations can create separate Deliverable records to monitor key milestones associated with each grant. By updating these records as deadlines are met, organizations ensure timely progress and maintain accountability.

Updating Grant Records Upon Award

Upon receiving notification of grant approval, it’s essential to promptly update the corresponding grant record in NPSP. This involves indicating the award status and expected payment schedule, along with any additional reporting requirements. By keeping grant records accurate and up-to-date, organizations can effectively manage fund disbursement and compliance.

Scheduling Grant Payments

Grants are often disbursed in partial payments over a predetermined schedule. In NPSP, organizations can schedule grant payments within the grant record, ensuring smooth financial management. However, it’s crucial to adjust the record accordingly to accommodate new payment schedules or changes in disbursement terms.

Receiving or Writing Off Grant Payments

Recording grant payments and handling any necessary adjustments are integral components of grant management. NPSP provides tools to track payment details and manage grant schedules effectively. Whether receiving payments or writing off outstanding balances, organizations can maintain financial transparency and accuracy.

Associating New Grants with Previous Records

Building and nurturing relationships with Grantmakers is essential for long-term sustainability. In NPSP, organizations can easily associate new grant records with previous ones, facilitating seamless continuity and historical tracking. By updating relevant fields, such as Previous Grant/Gift Opportunity and Is Grant Renewal, organizations can maintain clear insights into their grant history.

Tracking Grant Communications

Beyond deliverables and deadlines, cultivating relationships with Grantmakers is paramount. NPSP offers various tools, such as Tasks, Notes, and Chatter, to track and manage grant communications effectively. Whether documenting conversations with program officers or scheduling follow-up actions, organizations can strengthen their partnerships and enhance communication workflows.

Best Practices for Grant Records

  • Diligently update deliverable records to track key milestones and deadlines associated with each grant.
  • Automate stage updates using Salesforce workflow rules or Process Builder to reflect the status of grant opportunities.
  • Leverage NPSP’s functionalities for task assignment to ensure accountability and timely completion of grant-related tasks.
  • Utilize NPSP’s capabilities for file attachment to store relevant documentation and correspondence related to grant management.
  • Maintain accurate records of grant activities and transactions to facilitate financial transparency and compliance.
  • Regularly review and adjust grant records to reflect changes in grant terms, payment schedules, or reporting requirements.
  • Foster communication and collaboration among team members involved in grant management using Salesforce Chatter or other communication tools.
  • Continuously evaluate and optimize grant management processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in securing and stewarding grants.


In conclusion, mastering grant management in NPSP requires a strategic blend of process optimization, communication, and relationship-building. By leveraging the comprehensive features of NPSP and adhering to best practices, nonprofits can effectively navigate the complexities of grant acquisition, compliance, and stewardship, ultimately driving sustainable impact and success.

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