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Get to know about Salesforce Social Studio

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In this competitive world, it is challenging for a marketing professional to build a strong brand presence and stay one step forward from their competitors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a well-established organization or a start-up you must have a strong brand presence on social channels to succeed in today’s world.

Salesforce Social Studio is a one-stop solution that can help marketing professionals to build a strong presence on social media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Sina Weibo.

Social Media Channels provide you a 360-degree view of your customers or followers.

  1. Sometimes it’s product feedback.
  2. Sometimes it’s complaints about services
  3. Sometimes it’s an anecdote of their journey

The response rate on social media channels of the candid product feedback or service complaints is higher than any other marketing platform (Email marketing). Because they are communicating with you on a highly visible platform or a LIVE platform. A delay or negative response from the social media team affects brand presence which turns a negative impression on your followers, fans, and customers.

Introduction to Salesforce Social Studio

With the help of Salesforce Social Studio, you can overcome these challenges or demands. Social Studio is a Salesforce solution where you can plan and schedule your marketing content in an effective way across all the professionals at the right time to expand your business and a strong presence to be more effective than ever.

Introduction to Salesforce Social Studio

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You can communicate with your customers or followers and compare your post to other posts that you shared. This practice will allow you to find out which campaigns get the maximum Likes, Tweets, Comments, and CTR (Click Through Rate).

According to a study, 99.9% campaigns which has the maximum number of clicks, comments, and CTR have full-filled the followers and customers’ intent. Therefore, you need to identify the keywords of that campaign and create a new campaign by adding identified keywords with the same follower’s intent.

Welcome to Social Studio Features:

1. Workspaces: With the use of workspaces, a professional can organize their team on the basis of the region across over the world, countries, or cities to promote collaboration of campaigns, content creation or distribution, and publishing

2. Schedule and Design: You can schedule and design the content on workspace calendar. Manage the future and past campaigns activities to achieve your marketing goals.

3. Create: You can write an eye-attaching text and make sure that it full-fills the followers or customers intent. Attach images or videos to make it more impactful.

4. Preview and approve: Create your own customized approval rules. As is it must for a professional before going to LIVE with the marketing content get approved by your reporting manager. This will protect your brand communication and consistency in our message.

5. Enhance Analytics: With the use of enhanced analytics, you can track how your post is performing and what you will improve in your next campaigns to become more effective than ever.

Create a Social Post via Salesforce Social Studio:

Share a social post on social media platforms is a great way to promote your products or services. Salesforce Social Studio supports the below-mentioned social media channels:

1. LinkedIn
2. Twitter
3. Facebook
4. Instagram Business
5. YouTube
6. Pinterest
7. Sina Weibo

Before creating any posts, cross-check the time zone for the account and make sure it is exactly the same as you intended. If not? then do it first as it will share your post at the wrong time which turns a negative impact on your branding.

Steps to create Social Media Post via Salesforce Social Studio.

1. Click Get to know about salesforce social studio

2. Post that, you have to choose a platform where you want to share your content. Let’s suppose you want to share your post on Facebook. Then click on Facebook Post Tag and create your draft.

Salesforce Social Studio


3. After that, attach an image, create a carousel, upload a video, or get content from apps. Spend some time and think about which would be more beneficial for you to increase your presence.

Welcome to Salesforce Social Studio

Note: Create an attractive image/video. An attractive media post has the maximum number of clicks and impressions rather than a simple text post.

4. Once you’re ready with your post, you can share it immediately or schedule a later publish day and time.

What is salesforce social studio

Whenever you think about Salesforce, you immediately get reminded of Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Commerce Cloud. Even you may probably relate it to CRM, analytics integration, or apps.

You don’t think about Social Studio when you heard the word “Salesforce” and that’s a shame because Salesforce introduced an amazing tool that helps any organization to build its strong brand image among your customers and followers. And this is important for you to listen and engage with your customers in an effective way that very few can.



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