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Enhanced Scalability of Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

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Do you want to create a site that can host millions of potential users without the need for downtime?

The solution is Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC).

Salesforce Commerce cloud (SFCC) is a comprehensive cloud-based ecommerce platform that helps businesses create engaging shopping experiences across all channels including mobile, social, web and physical stores in all regions. This platform provides multi-site support, multi- languages, and multi-currency support.

SFCC is better designed for companies that don’t want to deal with custom coding and standard functionality covers all their needs.

Hosting can impact a lot of things: performance, website security and scalability, but SFCC is a hosted solution, you do not need to worry about choosing, setting up and managing a hosting.

What is Scalability?

Scaling a website involves accommodating increased demand without complex code changes. Choosing a scalable platform is crucial for handling business growth and heavy traffic.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is ideal, capable of seamless scaling to meet high transaction volumes and sudden spikes. Whether you’re a local shop or a growing enterprise, SFCC ensures uninterrupted operations, handling large traffic loads during peak times.

Its cloud-hosted architecture enables effortless addition of servers for more users, preventing website issues during peak periods like seasonal sales.

Aspects of Enhanced Scalability feature of Commerce Cloud:

  1. Cloud-based Architecture

    • Commerce Cloud is built on a cloud-based infrastructure, which allows businesses to scale their resources dynamically based on demand.
    • The cloud architecture enables automatic scaling of server resources to handle varying levels of traffic and ensures high availability.
  2. Multitenant Cloud Platform

    • SFCC uses a multi-tenant architecture where multiple customers share the same software infrastructure, services, and updates for their websites.
    • The shared environment allows for efficient resource utilization, making it easier to scale horizontally by adding more servers as needed.
  3. Global Reach/Management for Multiple Stores

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)is designed to support global e-commerce operations. It provides features such as multi-language and multi-currency support, enabling businesses to expand their reach across different regions seamlessly.

    SFCC lets organizations oversee several online stores or brands using just one platform.

    Commerce cloud’s multistore management opportunities comprise:

    • Localization and multisite management
    • Unique websites for every country
    • Optimal content that matches the culture and language.
  4. Automated Updates

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) offers standard services to all users and updates them automatically three times annually, eliminating manual update installations.Multitenant architecture allows businesses to grow, change and scale and are following:

    • Fewer bug fixes
    • Less service disruption
    • Greater stability
    • Seamless upgrade process
    • Quick deployment
    • Innovative features delivered throughout the year.
  5. Look and feel of website

    • SFCC makes your online shop mobile-friendly, ensuring it works well on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Google favors mobile-first websites, which can boost your site’s ranking.
    • With Page Designer, you can preview and adjust your pages for mobile viewing during development.
  6. Increased Marketing efficiency

    • SFCC lets organizations oversee several online stores or brands using just one platform.
    • These features help show the most relevant products to each customer.
  7. API-First Approach:

    Ref :

    • The platform adopts an API-first approach, allowing easy integration with other systems, services, and applications. If you want to add a new payment method or link to a new customer relationship system, you can do it smoothly because Commerce Cloud is designed to be flexible.
    • This flexibility in integration supports the scalability of the entire ecosystem, enabling businesses to connect Commerce Cloud with various tools and technologies.
  8. Performance Optimization: 

    • SFCC includes features for performance optimization, such as content delivery network (CDN) integration, to ensure fast and reliable access to content for users around the world.
    • This ensures that your web pages load quickly, providing a smooth and responsive experience for shoppers.

Top 5 Examples of successful Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementations are:

  • L’Oréalo
  • Guesso
  • ECCOo
  • Unilevero
  • Puma

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