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Customized Templates and Branding with Salesforce Experience Cloud

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In today’s digital age, providing personalized and engaging experiences for your customers is key to success. Salesforce Experience Cloud offers a powerful suite of tools to help you create customized templates and branding that align with your company’s unique identity. Whether you’re looking to enhance customer service, streamline partner relationships, or create a seamless self-service experience, Salesforce has you covered.

Customized Templates in the Salesforce Experience cloud

In the Salesforce Experience Cloud, prebuilt templates are predesigned structures and layouts that enable users to swiftly and effortlessly create web pages and experiences without requiring advanced coding or design expertise. These templates are crafted to address various use cases and industries, offering a basis for developing compelling and operational digital experiences for users. Below is a list of the templates accessible in Salesforce.

Salesforce enables the creation and customization of fully responsive websites tailored to your company’s needs and branding. Utilize its selection of pre-designed site templates to craft attractive, personalized experiences without the need for coding. Alternatively, design your own digital spaces to meet your unique requirements. Choosing a template is a crucial aspect of planning your site.

Out of the box, Salesforce provides ten pre-built templates that can be customized to your liking. Let’s explore these templates, highlighting their key features and benefits.

1. Customer Account Portal Template:

The Customer Account Portal template is designed to facilitate customer service by enabling site members to log in and manage their accounts, create and manage cases or claims, and access various Salesforce records, including custom objects. Enhance self-service capabilities on your site by providing users with access to a knowledge base where they can easily find answers to their questions, reducing the need to contact your organization. Implementing the Customer Account Portal can significantly enhance customer relationships and reduce service costs.

2. Customer Service & Help Centre templates:

Utilize the Customer Service template in Salesforce to establish a community where members can inquire, access pertinent content, read knowledge articles and Q&As, participate in groups and discussions, submit support requests, and monitor their cases. This template offers customers a comprehensive self-service platform, enhancing efficiency, lowering support expenses, and increasing agent productivity.Another effective option is the Help Centre Portal template, which includes Case Deflection and Guest Case Creation functionalities. This template enables you to create a strong self-service portal that empowers users to swiftly find solutions to their issues independently, without having to reach out to your support team.

3. Partner Central template:

The Partner Central template is designed to create a collaborative hub for partners to interact with each other and your company, focusing on boosting channel sales. Salesforce Experience Cloud PRM (Partner Relationship Management) enhances this hub with a range of features and tools, providing a centralized platform for co-selling activities. This platform enables the sharing of CRM data, collaboration on prospects and deals, real-time management of leads, opportunities, and accounts, forecasting of channel sales, performance tracking, and streamlining of channel marketing, partner education, and onboarding. By providing partners with necessary onboarding materials and tracking their progress through reports and dashboards, you can enhance sales efficiency and accelerate business growth.

Themes & Branding in Salesforce Experience Cloud

Branding Sets are bundled collections of images, fonts, and colours that can dramatically and dynamically change the look and feel of your site. Branding sets can be accessed in the Experience Builder’s Theme panel. If you’re using a pre-built theme, the branding set doesn’t affect the header and hero areas of your site.

  • Manage Branding Sets => This is navigation to Create/Edit Branding Sets.
  • Create a customised Branding Set => Create different Branding sets for different users with different colours.
  • Assign the Audience to the Branding Set => Once Branding Sets are created assign the Audience to be visible to the users to whomever you want to display.

Dynamic Branding Sets

Branding sets enable you to customize the look and feel of your community pages for different audiences without having to create separate communities for each customer or business requirement. By creating a single community and applying different branding sets, we can tailor the appearance of your community to match the preferences of each audience.

We can create multiple page variations and target them at different audiences, branding sets utilize criteria-based audiences to achieve a unique appearance for specific audiences.

Benefits of Branding with Salesforce Experience Cloud

There are various benefits of using Salesforce Experience Cloud as a branding tool:

  • Assurance: If your branding is reliable and simple to remember, it can enable individuals to feel quieter while drawing in with your items or administrations. After some time, mindfulness and consistency assemble trust (or, in other words, self-benefit networks).
  • Faster Results: A characterized brand directly makes the lives of the general population who work with your brand easier. It also helps projects progress more rapidly and provides a solid framework for initiating the design of your community.
  • Better Outcomes: At the point when there is a structure set up, there is less speculating from a planning viewpoint and groups can convey more on-brand results.
  • Ability to Collaborate: Brand guidelines help demonstrate relationships between your company and other parties or websites associated with you (like a community). If you manage a network of distributors, you can share your brand guidelines – on how to use your brand as part of their identity.


Salesforce Experience Cloud offers a range of customizable templates and branding options that empower organizations to create personalized and engaging digital experiences for their users. With prebuilt templates, users can quickly set up responsive sites tailored to their needs and brand identity. The dynamic branding capability in Experience Cloud offers several advantages, including increased brand reliability and recognition, faster project completion, better on-brand results, and improved collaboration with partners and stakeholders.

By leveraging these customizable templates and branding options, organizations can create unique, user-centric digital experiences that drive engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately, boost business growth.

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