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A step by step Guide to create Salesforce web-to-lead form

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Salesforce already had a cool feature where you can create custom HTML web-to-lead form that can be simply put up on your website to prevent company org. from spam leads. Before this feature, it would be a time taking activity for the marketing team to identify the spam leads or actual leads. 

In this competitive world, every business, small or large has a website. It is an effective way to promote your product or services among target audience. A company website is the first place of interaction where anyone can look at, if he/she is interested in your product or want to clear his/her query. To become more productive than ever, companies integrate their website with Salesforce CRM. This exercise prevents automated bots from creating havoc on your sites and keep your company org. with quality leads.

create web to lead form in salesforce

Why ReCaptcha on Salesforce Web-to-lead forms?

1. Makes difficult for spam-bots to create junk leads.
2. Prevent from spamming
3. Keep your org with quality leads.
4. Maximize ROI
5. Get clear lead insights.

Steps to create ReCaptcha on Salesforce web-to-lead forms.

To achieve the Salesforce web-to-lead forms follow simple steps as below:

Step: 1. Login to your Google reCAPTCHA Account.

salesforce web to lead

Step: 2. After login, you have to add Label as in the picture below.

guidelines to setup web to lead in salesforce

Step: 3. Post that, Check-in the box “reCAPTCHA v2” and then tick checkbox “I’m not a robot”.

how to create salesforce web lead form

Step: 4. After that, add your domain name under Domains section.

web to lead in salesforce

Step: 5. Post that, Checkin the “Accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service” and then click on the Submit Button.

web to lead

Step: 6. After submitting, you will get “COPY SITE KEY” and “COPY SECRET KEY” on the next page. Copy these keys and save in notepad.

salesforce web to lead api

Step: 7. Now login to Salesforce Developer Account.

Step: 8. After login, Click on setup and go to web-to-lead form then click on “Create Web-to-Lead Form”. 

create salesforce web to lead forms

Step: 9. Post that, Select the fields that you want to choose, and add a Return URL. And then click on the Search reCAPTCHA API Key pair.

setting up web to lead form in salesforce

Step: 10. Now yow will be redirected to Lookup. Here you have to click on “NEW” button.

how to test web to lead salesforce

Step: 11. Here you have to enter API Key Pair Nickname, Site Key, and Secret Key then click save.

customize salesforce web to lead form

Step: 12. Post that, click on “Generate” to create form.

edit web to lead form from salesforce

Step: 13. Post that, you will find your HTML code is ready. Put that HTML code on your company’s website and start capturing leads from there.

salesforce web to lead demo

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