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Technology Bulletin

Salesforce Add-on: High Velocity Sales

-is it for you?

Salesforce gives some interesting solutions with Sales Cadence Builder that is included as a part of High Velocity Sales add-on that costs $75 per user per month. It has a package rate of $90 for Lightning Dialer (with only Outbound calling).

What does it include?

Sales Cadence

A Sales Cadence is simply a sequence of sales activities that you follow for certain leads. For example, if you offer a free consultation on your website and someone fills out the form, the cadence is the list of things you do to reach the final stage: scheduling the first meeting with the sales team. In this product, Salesforce provides the ability to build a sales cadence with different outreach steps depending on the results of call or email.

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Salesforce Metadata Dependency

Are you an organization that has a whole bunch of custom objects and custom fields that may not be used? Utilize the Tooling API MetadataComponentDependency item to see the reliance connections between metadata components in your organization. This data causes you to decide if a custom object or field can be removed without causing any trouble. Discovering conditions among parts likewise assist you to separate your metadata into packages and working with a similar type of packages rather than working with one solid organization makes it simpler to govern the change.

Suppose you are working on an org that was set up by someone else and now some of the objects or custom fields are not been used. So, you want to delete them from your org, but you don’t know where that particular object or field is being used or what impact it may create once it is deleted. This is the area where MetadataComponentDependency will come to your rescue.

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