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Think. Build. Salesforce Chatbots.

Salesforce Einstein Chatbots for HR, Sales, Service and IT Help Desk

Conversational Salesforce Einstein Chatbots to provide 24 by 7 support without compromising on experience.

Mirketa is a Salesforce Silver Consulting partner with extensive experience in building Salesforce Einstein Chatbots for IT Help Desk, Sales, Service, HR and other business domains.

Success Stories


Salesforce Einstein Chatbot

Salesforce Einstein Chatbots take care of the end users requests for routine tasks so the real humans can have time to handle requests that require more human touch while servicing. Why leverage Salesforce Einstein Chatbots?

  • Salesforce Einstein Chatbots deliver timely support and lighten tasks for employees and service reps so they can focus on other tasks.

  • Performs many automation tasks like opening a case, case update, sending email, sending report, escalation, providing contract information etc.

  • Salesforce Einstein Chatbots are capable of self learning and contextual chatting.

  • Most importantly, Salesforce Einstein Chatbot is native to Salesforce so there is no need for integrations.

  • Responds to complex questions that require information from sales, service, contract and other data in matter of seconds.

  • Salesforce Einstein Chatbots understand natural language and respond based on sentiment analysis.

  • Increase in company’s productivity and profitability.

  • Einstein Chatbot reduces the wait time, i.e., customers will no longer have to wait for the responses and their issues can be resolved in minimum time.

Business Enablement

Use Cases for Salesforce Chatbots

Salesforce Einstein Chatbots can be leveraged to do multitudes of things. Some of the prevalent business use cases for Salesforce Chatbots include:

IT Help Desk

  • Password Reset
  • Create a new Case
  • Update a case
  • Provide Case Update
  • Escalate a Case
  • Install standard applications
  • Provide how to help for standard IT related questions


  • Provide Sales Analytics in conversational forms
  • Create Sales Quotes
  • Provide Product and Pricing Information
  • Pass on a lead to LIVE agent as needed
  • Answer questions on forecasting, pipeline specific enquires, sales commissions, client specific information


  • Image recognition based case routing
  • Product, Service specific knowledge sharing
  • Create a new Case
  • Update a case
  • Provide Case Update
  • Escalate a Case
  • Provide how to help for standard product/service related questions like license extension, payment receipt etc

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