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Mirketa automates the Pre-Intake Process with Multi-Party Integrations for an Addiction Recovery Center

Opportunity/Problem Statement:

  • The client wanted to streamline their Pre-Intake process by automating the Lead Management, Pre-assessment, Opportunity Management, VOB, Travel Management, Financial Agreements and Alumni workflows.
  • There was a need for web-to-lead and Dialogue Tech Integration for the purpose of managing leads in the system.
  • The client wanted to integrate the existing EHR system with Salesforce and have both the CRM and the EHR systems in sync in terms of all the patient information.
  • The client wanted to effectively manage processes related to Pre-Assessment, Financial Agreement, VOB before shifting the patient to the EHR.
  • All the patient PDF files related to the pre intake and other activities were required to be sent to EMR.
  • There was a need for automating the discharge and alumni processes and keep both the systems in sync .

Solution Highlights:

  • The basic entities of Salesforce such as leads, opportunities and accounts were appropriately configured to help maintain patient information without the need for maintaining multiple records of a single patient.
  • Multiple integrations (web-to-lead, Dialogue Tech) were done to help in lead management. All the lead data from multiple sources could be captured and tracked.
  • Built custom Pre-Admission assessment, Financial agreement, VOB and Travel related forms for effectively capturing relevant patient data during the Intake Process.


  • Mirketa was successful in providing a superior CRM experience because of out of the box Salesforce capabilities customized according to the need of the treatment center.
  • Salesforce-EMR Integration boosted productivity and reduced the possibility of data errors due to disjoined systems. It also reduced the documentation related work significantly.

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